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  1. Nice dog nothernlite which way bred cheers
  2. jasrae


    Looking for now thats what i call lurcherwork 3
  3. Live in Sw Scotland and only 15 min walk from various wildlife. golf course on doorstep woods hills long fieldsetc sometimes we don't realise what we have till someone takes or you lose your permission to hunt
  4. Like look of pup would like to see pups progress
  5. Quality lurchers well done lads
  6. Sold / swapped for other books
  7. 1987 1988 1990 books fair condition swap for darceys that's what I call lurcherwork 111
  8. Yes sorry Mrs posted ad
  9. Sorry forgot most are £20+ p+p
  10. Darceys scooby running dog addiction that's what I call lurcherwork 1+2 penny smith running dog maintenance lurcher and running dogs working whippet year book pm for prices
  11. Yes benbo one is benbo 1 other just says benbo 1 has manfrotto 488rco ball top with level bubble was looking at putting them on for sale
  12. Got couple of tripods benro 1 and benro no model no was wondering what value of these
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