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  1. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Up in the high twenty’s still trying out different dishes and working out wat goes with wat heat wise an trying new flavours beer and wine am none the wiser but it’s fun trying lol
  2. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Cheers Looks nice bit of fodder ther bud I love pidge Breast but I not the best at cooking it tbh , just done a pollack n tater curry with salmon soy chilli skewers 2 beers and s bottle of wine start to finish lol
  3. green lurchers

    Fast Dogs for hard ground

    Here we go again the north south bunny lol
  4. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Oh matt I got equadorian devils breth and the Borg 9 it’s the lava factor
  5. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    The added bonus of charcoal is it takes 4 beers from the the lighting to the whiting of coals it’s a yardstick that goes with the flow
  6. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Haha Matt got some serious chillis this year can’t wait for harvest , the Borg 9 chilli will be on its way to you
  7. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Think it might be a plaice and a Dover sole done a lamb rack on the bbq other wk good gear with beer didn’t take long maybe 15 min cooking and ten wrapped in foil
  8. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Cheers arry mostly beer while I’m cooking but have been doing grill fish in foil on the bbq like pollock whiting sole so a Douro White is needed then a beer lol
  9. green lurchers

    Guess this

  10. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Oi oi fireman lol I’m a slim mean eating machine
  11. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Terrible word that Jim diet hope I never have to go to that dark side of life
  12. green lurchers

    Never ending queue

    Lol don’t wanna piss on ya chips but I’m built like a whippet bud but eat like a horse they say a dogs like his owner haha
  13. green lurchers

    Guess this

    Get you tomo it’s. Jaffa cake stack compressed ya fker
  14. green lurchers

    Guess this

    Mmm but nah
  15. green lurchers

    Let's never forget

    RIP Labour you dirty scumbags may you never get a chance in office again rip lee rigby
  16. green lurchers

    The start of something good

    All looks good ted
  17. Glad she’s back to herself and she performs in the same way season coming
  18. green lurchers

    Fecking love it

    Great vid trev plenty action for them dogs of yours atb
  19. green lurchers

    wonder lust..

    I like them eco lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with fishing thrown in , I got a door opened to go Sri Lanka with folk who live over here but can lay on a great trip staying with family that appeals the most to me in the not to distant future
  20. She’s had a great 1st year trev got two great teachers in the beddy x and poppy
  21. green lurchers

    Whats in your garden

    Forgot the robin chicks a bbq and a ever watchful lurcher
  22. green lurchers

    Whats in your garden

    Plenty mixed Toms a selection of the hottest chillies in the world cucumbers and herbiture for cooking on the q
  23. green lurchers

    Trump Under Fire

    Did he really fk a pornster then this oh dear that’s fkd his rep hahaha
  24. green lurchers

    Michelin Starred Food Cart

    Looks very tasty
  25. green lurchers

    Latest Liberal Bull****

    She needs helmet then a barrell lol