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  1. The national

    Shantung flyer Tiger roll Captain redbeard Got the winner in last two nationals so hoping for three in a row
  2. Smart meters

    When I got an energy performance certificate done on the house the assessor said he wouldn't have a smart meter and told us not to get one unless it become compulsory..... Never got round to asking him why before he left
  3. Jeremy Corbyn aka Adolf Hitler.

    One thing I'm sure about is the country will be a hell of a lot worse of under a Corbyn led government.....part of me hopes he wins the next election so I can see his supporters suffer
  4. Jeremy Corbyn aka Adolf Hitler.

    He's out looking for suitable land to build work camps for the Jews and anyone who disagrees with corbyns views.... .. Just incase Corbyn ever becomes leader
  5. France attack.

    Bloke from the French authorities has just been on the radio.... He says the dead terrorist fits the profile of all the others who have carried out attacks across Europe and the UK The profile was a man known to authorities with a history of petty crime I'm sure there's bit more to add to the profile
  6. Fukc sake Telford now

    Should stop calling them groomers....... The are pedophiles
  7. You must have watched a different video....the video i see in the link and its been in the papers is him being attacked in London when he was on his way to report on a left wing confference
  8. This wasn't Italy it was in this country This type of thing is getting common with the left..... All it needs to become an everyday occurrence happening to normal people is Corbyn as PM
  9. Jeremy to buy 8000 houses ! !

    But they are probably decent people who look after and keep the house clean and pay the rent and rates An area turns to shit very quickly once the council starts putting benefit families or immigrants into properties
  10. Credit card surcharge ban

    I don't trust online banking that's why I would have preferred to use a credit card and then pay the card of But at nearly £100 extra for 2% credit card charge
  11. Credit card surcharge ban

    Just been looking at the coininvest site and they are still charging 2% credit card surchage Are some businesses exempt from the ban
  12. What am i doing wrong

    Think that was the problem... Inside the die being dry Done quite a few more without problem now
  13. What am i doing wrong

    I didn't lube inside the neck I gave it a quarter turn once it to he'd the holder
  14. Just started reloading using a Hornady lock n load press and lee dies Started today doing the .223 but out of 25 rounds 6 have stuck in the full length sizing die the cases are uncleaned once fired....gave them a squirt of lube
  15. Sciatica....,

    My mother suffers from it and the best thing she finds is a tens machine