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  1. What am i doing wrong

    Think that was the problem... Inside the die being dry Done quite a few more without problem now
  2. What am i doing wrong

    I didn't lube inside the neck I gave it a quarter turn once it to he'd the holder
  3. Just started reloading using a Hornady lock n load press and lee dies Started today doing the .223 but out of 25 rounds 6 have stuck in the full length sizing die the cases are uncleaned once fired....gave them a squirt of lube
  4. Sciatica....,

    My mother suffers from it and the best thing she finds is a tens machine
  5. celebrity juice

    One of the few programs I like to watch....find it hilarious Look forward to Thursdays when it's on
  6. Harry marrying a half caste

    Future kids will look something like this
  7. Harry marrying a half caste

    There must be an effect otherwise it wouldn't be happening There has to be a reason behind it.... Surely no one thinks it just a coincidence
  8. 300,000 houses a year?

    It used to take me about 1 min to walk to the nearest farmers field now its a drive The scale of the building in recent years is scary Great park in Gosforth is a 30 year building project
  9. Another side to Muslims.

    Bit of a sweeping generalisation that all those white pikeys are bad people Most people dontt think all Muslims are bad..... But hate the outdated barbaric belief system they all share even the white ones
  10. Trump Under Fire

    Strange how those that hate trump never call him for his policies or slate him for increasing taxes or invading another country etc ect You know the things politicians normally get stick for
  11. Another side to Muslims.

    I never realised all 3.5 million who fought in the 2 wars were all muslim Or is it just bollocks spouted by those that make excuses up for them
  12. Merry Christmas from Greggs.

    Wise move to hide a child if colin gregg is around
  13. Christmas Adverts

    Maybe it's a good idea the black man and white woman The half cast son then marries a white girl.... Kids just keep getting whiter
  14. Lest we forget

    Great grandad was killed in the first month on the war along with 5000 others... Classed as missing in action at the time He was the post master in a Northumberland village he was repaid by having his wife and seven kids kicked out onto the street and any money stopped as he was Mia
  15. God Save the Queen.

    The queen will be paying more tax in one year than someone who moans about them will pay in 100 lifetimes Its nearly 10 million alone in council tax