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  1. Never again will i lend it out......along with the other problem it came back with a brand new chain completely blunt and bone dry in the fuel tank All this from supposedly cutting one 4" tree stump
  2. The chain doesn't come of..... It starts spinning as soon as the brake is released
  3. My chainsaw just come back after being on loan to a mate Now I struggle to start it and when it does start the chain is of as soon as I release the brake at about half revs Also its appears to me to be running hot Any ideas what's wrong
  4. Hope he keeps it up....... New laws should be properly debated
  5. Remember if you buy an Audi there's a strong chance you will become a c**t when you get behind the wheel
  6. It only became redundant as I bough a thermal
  7. View Advert Pulsar LRF N870 For sale in perfect order only use a handful of time since buying it new from the hunting life store Advertiser jacknife Date 28/05/18 Price £600.00 Category Scopes and Optics  

    • FOR SALE
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    For sale in perfect order only use a handful of time since buying it new from the hunting life store


    Newcastle - GB

  9. Hereford beat Newcastle is considered the biggest upset
  10. Favourite films are The money pit Zulu Kelly's hero's And a film I was surprised I enjoyed was.... The Shipping news TV series... Shameless.... Wildboyz
  11. Its £2100 + vat to do a roof 2.2m X 4 m so it works out at £286 per square metre
  12. Yes that was including the frame and board
  13. Does it always need a timber frame... My roof is flat concrete The Price is working out at £286m It did include some plastic facias
  14. Anyone do this or have any idea about pricing.. decided to try fibreglass as felt always end up leaking Just got a quote to do a flat roof 2.2m X 4m... Base roof is about 8inch of concrete with felt over the top with a slight raised edge Has 3 open sides as one side is attached to house Quote was £2100 + vat
  15. Shantung flyer Tiger roll Captain redbeard Got the winner in last two nationals so hoping for three in a row
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