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  1. Drawings

    Have a look on "FC Drawings" on facebook
  2. Goodbye Maggie

  3. Nice pics and great dogs lads!
  4. Enjoy http://www.kangaroodog.org/index.php?page=mh-dutch-salmon-article-on-american-staghounds
  5. They are not breed for hunting... so......
  6. Has anyone read this book? http://www.amazon.com/Jagen-mit-Terrier-Hounds-Lurcher/dp/3200011351/ref=la_B00J7A9E4W_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1411411710&sr=1-1
  7. Lurcher And Waterfowl

    Thanks for the replies lads! Any pic?
  8. Has anyone ever used a lurcher to hunt waterfowl? In general for working in water?
  9. Advice

    There are several countries in Europe where you can hunt with a crossbreed... However it should be, as I said, a dog primarily for hare hunting in medium size fields, and pheasant in the cover.
  10. Advice

    Probably it would be very versatile, as a GSP x greyhound, but perhaps not very good for catching hares ... someone has experience? Maybe a collie x greyhound would be fine?
  11. Advice

    Which cross would you recommend for this use (NOT UK): Quarry: mainly brown hares and pheasants. Occasionally partridges, ducks, rabbits, foxes, maybe blood trail (deer and wild boar). Birds hunted with a gun. Hunting ground: plains and hills, cultivated fields, meadows, forests, areas with dense brambles, and occasionally the high mountains. Thanks for your advice!
  12. deer dogs (preban)