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  1. New to the site.

    welcome mate
  2. New member? Sort of

    welcome back mate
  3. Hello from Nottinghamshire.

    welcome mate
  4. Parenting

    saw something like this before
  5. Merry Christmas from Greggs.

    a daft bit of fun ,unless your a bible basher
  6. Newborn lambs

    that is soon
  7. Brown Hares Boxing

    fantastic mate
  8. Little Afternoon Session

    good shooting mate
  9. Few Hours In The Bush.

    top shooting mate
  10. Tuned lgu

    i always liked the tx
  11. Best ducks to breed for meat

    nice set up mate
  12. Pesky squirrel

    one way to take it out
  13. Steve Irwin

    he lived a wild life,at some point it was goint to happen
  14. why get involved??

    totaly agree with you bird,last xmas i went out with some friend and fed people that were living on the streets im not on about the beggers you get outside the shops,these poore feckers were on the streets through no fault of there own and some were waiting for flats,these people should be put first,in our own country
  15. Snowflake Teacher Resigns After 1 Term.........

    what a kn.b,grind your teethe and get on with it
  16. 2 New Hand Jobs..!!!

    they look good mate
  17. Red Stag Antler Opinel No8

    lovely piece of work mate
  18. Buzzard

    lovely to see mate
  19. 1st try with Pheasant Sausages

    they look good mate
  20. horrible vermin

    thieving feckers
  21. Smelly b*****ds. Disgusting

    they want there throats cut