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  1. j j m


    does look like its got bear in it
  2. j j m


    kind gesture mate
  3. j j m

    Champions league final

    is there a live streame for this game tonight as i dont have bt sport now
  4. j j m

    champions league poll

    Liverpool for me
  5. j j m


    very interesting
  6. j j m


    does any one know why the falconry forum has been suspended tried logging in to the iff a few times but just says account suspended
  7. they look superb mark
  8. j j m


    lots around where I live
  9. j j m

    Brummie raider 10

    lovey guns I paid 250 for my last one
  10. j j m

    Out for a bit today

    shooting napper mate
  11. j j m

    Champions league final

    i will go Liverpool to win 2 1
  12. j j m

    oliviase barn owls

    no mate i just breed birds of prey now mate,and fly my gos,i never used to charge the local schools mate,i just enjoyed seeing the kids faces and letting them hold the birds
  13. j j m

    oliviase barn owls

    pic of 2 birds she reared last year ,and one of my young peregrin
  14. j j m

    oliviase barn owls

    owls the small ones are only good for displays,i used to do school visits with mine to educate the young ones,most have nor saw a barn owl up close
  15. sorry all orders filled for this years chicks
  16. bothe parents good hunters male flys at 1.7 ounces , females flys at 2.5 ,
  17. j j m

    Shoulder injury

    not nice shoulder injuries
  18. j j m

    Canada explosion

    ha ha
  19. j j m

    Sad news for boxing

    very sad news
  20. j j m

    My Rifle plates engraving.

    very nice mate
  21. j j m

    Eagle steals rabbit from fox - amazing watch

    saw this ,this morning fantastic
  22. j j m

    We had some good shots.

    nice shooting
  23. j j m


    my pe teacher was a lovely felleh full of humour and in them days a back hander if you pis,ed around in his lessons done none of uss any harm ,he got me in to boxing I often wondered what become of him ,he was welsh lovely bloke
  24. j j m

    Let's never forget

    rip lee always in our thoughts
  25. j j m

    A brute

    very nice