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  1. 222 brass

    100 , 222 cases need a clean free to collector Accrington. 07955942444.
  2. Hanwag Boots

    I think the ones I was looking at ranged from £190 to £240 off the top of my head...... I looked at this particular brand because I've heard of a few people rating them for quality and durability, any info I can get is much appreciated, abs I don't want to dive in and spend the money if they are not what they are bigged up to be, at the moment and for the past 10 to 12 years I have been wearing Lowas, but fancy a change. cheers, jay. If it aint broke don't mend it.​
  3. Whats The Best Boot

    When buying a bed, or footwear, always buy the best you can afford, it's what you spend most of your life in.
  4. Whippet Dog Free To Good Working Home

    don't forget you all only had 4 posts at one time.
  5. Lurcher Pups

    Cheers peng.
  6. Lurcher Pups

    Sire Greyhound 1/4 Bedlington x Greyhound Whippet Dam Greyhound x Collie x Bull All pups vaccinated and wormed and dewclawed 4 dogs (3 cream, 1 black) 2 bitches (1 red, 1 black) 16 weeks old on the 14.1.13 Pups should make 23-25 inches £125 Located in Accrington, Lancashire. If interested please ring me on 07955 942444 or 01254 387029 We struggled to upload pictures, please ring to arrange for them to be emailed
  7. new boots

    when you buy boots, or a bed, always buy the best you can afford, as these are what you spend most of your life in.
  8. Booster. By rip off??

    Any body got any jabs.
  9. Tripe.

    So thats where all the dogs bollocks go.
  10. weldmesh for sale

    Hi ray, give me a ring @ weldmesh. Cheers Cliff.01254387029.(07955942444.
  11. Long Net Poles

    Go to your local golf club and ask the greenkeeper for some old hole pins
  12. saluki X whippet

    When was this photo taken,looking at big ears feet,the dogs and yours, looks quiet recent to me. You dont say in your add what percent of the bag was single handed (by your bitch) or were thay gang banged.
  13. looking for a new pal

    Just do your own thing, life is far to short not to.
  14. dog pup forsale

    Add placed 12-43 sunday morn, is this just a saturday night hangover.
  15. porta mag

    anyone in or around accrington got a portamag.Reason I ask is that I have 2 of the old electro coils in the black pouches and would like to know if they still work before I buy a box.