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    taxidermy hawking lurchers and fishing, got a wee merle lurcher pup
  1. thanks malt, that sounds familiar lol. i am sure with the advice some of the guys on here have given me i will have it sorted in no time
  2. is the dog in the house bud?? it is casso, do you think that makes a difference? has the dog been overly stimulated and played with regular in the house,,? the reason i ask this is because dogs make associations with states of mind and certain environments, for example a dog who's used to hunting and free running makes the association between going into fields and playing and running, now if you one day in the field put a lead on him and confine him , it wont be long before he starts the let you know all about it by whining and generally feeling distressed, its the same with your pup, if he's played with in the house ,in his mind thats his play area and when he cant express his energy when hes getting no attention his whining is just energy seeping out,, inside rest , outside play ,always bud,, have a certain play area , it will let him differentiate between the two,, best of luck with him casso, you might have hit the nail on the head, he does get very stimulated. we have 3 kids at home, all of whom like to play with him. the worst offender is my mussus jrt lol, they race around the kitchen constantly, i have tried to stop it but they just sneak up on each other when they think your not watching and it starts all over again . so i will try what you said and limit the amount of playtime. i work pt doing security while i am at college and take him with me, probably the only time he doesnt really whine, but i dont make much of a fuss over him when i am there. thanks
  3. is the dog in the house bud?? it is casso, do you think that makes a difference?
  4. thanks for the replies guys, it could be teething........the wee buggers always chewing stuff he finds. but its even going on when hes out for a walk lol, what about growing pains?????? do dogs even get them? hes growing rapidly, 14 wks old and 20" tts
  5. any ideas?? my pup is 15 weeks old and has started to whine constantly, hes doing my head in. he whines off and on the lead, hes not in any pain or anything like that, just turning into a bit of a woos. my grandfather had one that whined all day and night till the day it died, not a very popular dog lol. any advice greatfully received
  6. well. to qoute what he said. for information about poaching, go to the lurcher section. your a tit, i will leave everyone else to deal with you and your inflammatory comments, as i have better things to do.
  7. check out that awesome human being r docks profile lol
  8. an assuming you mean rentokil, nope didnt work for them. and who you callin a dick ya shite bag. am not the one who everyone despises on here, eh?
  9. nice looking dog, whats a mali? dont think av heard of them. atb. chris
  10. nice one, have heard a lot of stories(old wives tales) about white dogs not being as good, but mine always did pretty good. but i found judges at shows didnt like them. good luck with them, be good to see pics as they grow. atvb. chris
  11. nice pup buddy, but i like white ones. good luck with it
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