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  1. Ive got 2 whippets....11 and 8...still both very active and keen as ever.
  2. ADAM C

    dog kennel/run front

    i know saw them pal....got sorted now or i would have been interested.
  3. ADAM C

    Large 6 drawer freezer

    View Advert Large 6 drawer freezer 6 drawer fridgadare freezer ideal for dog food/rabbits etc £35 collection from Sheffield Advertiser ADAM C Date 14/05/18 Price £35.00 Category Miscellaneous  
  4. ADAM C

    Large 6 drawer freezer

    Time Left: 4 days and 21 hours

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    6 drawer fridgadare freezer ideal for dog food/rabbits etc £35 collection from Sheffield


  5. Each to their own as i said.......
  6. But not everyone wants their dogs to drop in.........why come on spoiling threads....as i said live and let live......not everyone is the same and wants the same.
  7. As i said.....just cos they dont go to ground does not mean shite...........People may have dogs that just do ground work and dont bush etc.....are they shite in the bushing mans eyes??
  8. ADAM C

    Starting up.

    Did you get sorted pal?
  9. My sport is ratting and bushing.......therefore i want to breed my bitch with another dog that does this sport.....just because they dont go to ground why does this mean they're shite?.........people enjoy different things....live and let live.
  10. I know.........but i try and keep away from the places i know that are dodgy....but like you say can always drop in. Thanks
  11. Well i have no permission so would be illegal.
  12. At the end of the day digging is now illegal and around me there are far too many black and white setts, so dont want to drop on something i met get my collar felt and get into some series sh*t.There are people watching these places all the time just not worth it any more for me......hence ratting and bushing for my whippets its the sport i enjoy and the dogs love it. Well anyway im sorted now for a stud dog.......carry on bitching at each other. Thanks Adam.
  13. Does anyone on here know of a Bedlington stud dog for my bitch, the stud dog doesn't have to be an earth dog happy with a good bushing, ratting dog. Yorkshire area preferred. Thanks in advance.
  14. View Advert Seeland Exeter advantage cap Reversable green/orange cap , it has fold down fleece lined earmuffs. This cap is both waterproof and windproof-seetex membrane. rear adjustable drawstring size medium £20 posted Advertiser ADAM C Date 05/05/18 Price £20.00 Category Clothing and Footwear