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  1. Lake District

    Anybody hunting around the Lake District. I'm heading over to Lowther show in summer.it would be nice to talk to afew hound lads in that area pm me if wish
  2. Terrier

    Looking for a patterdale pup or lakeland any help would be appreciated pm if preferred
  3. Marking Hound Needed

    I find the foxhounds better to mark than the harriers.harriers seem to get bored around a mark and want to hunt on.
  4. Foxhound Cross Harrier

    Does anybody use this cross
  5. Baily's Hunt Directory

    Thanks for reply Neil the hound magazine looks a good enough read think I will go for that.you have to pay a subscription fee to join Baily's online
  6. Baily's Hunt Directory

    Bailey's hunt directory is it worth subscribing too or the hound magazine
  7. Anybody been to this show is it worth making the trip over
  8. Few Old Pics

    Great pics
  9. Anybody have any news on how the hunting festival went
  10. Asdro 320 Maps

    I downloaded the maps to the Sim card but I'm still getting a blank screen it should be showing hills fields rivers roads.Its just the same as if I had no Sim in it
  11. In Kennels Dvd

  12. In Kennels Dvd

    Just wondering if anybody seen the in kennels DVD if so was it any good was thinking of getting it
  13. Marking Hound Wanted

    looking for an old marking hound to bring on my young hounds