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  1. There is a change on the meet card for Sunday 14th February. The South Tipperary Harriers are hunting instead of The Liscarroll Harriers. I have edited the meet card that was already posted.
  2. yes the Kilteevan Harriers are from Roscommon, there was a northern pack asked but they could not make it.
  3. Abbeyfeale Harriers Annual Hunting Festival 2016 MEET CARD Sunday 14th February – The Strand Bar, Strand, Co. Limerick The South Tipperary Harriers Monday 15th February – Walsh’s Bar, Knocknagoshel, Co. Kerry The MacroomFoxhounds Tuesday 16th February – Lyons’s Bar, Scartaglin, Co. Kerry The Stonehall Harriers &TheDesmond Foxhounds Memorial Meet for John O’Connor Wednesday 17th February –Cryle View Bar, Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick The Carraigshane Harriers Thursday 18th February – The Goalpost Bar, Tournafulla, Co. Limerick The Rooves Bridge Harriers &TheRockfie
  4. In our country Old dog we cross a lot of roads they are handy to get a car there to see the pack across safely.thanks for the pup she is a nice bitch .Oliver said he will pick his up at the festival lol.I will send you over a harrier pup next summer
  5. Yes they are lovely to listen to, they would make the hair stand up on the back of your neck when you here them first.
  6. Forgive my ignorance, but what are double and treble tongue? Hi Krawnden, double tongue is when a hound is giving tongue, usually real heavy deep tongue, and it changes to a different note in the one breath. It is the same for a hound with treble tongue. These kerry hounds don't be used in gun packs, as it is not a test for the hound. These hounds often would be hunting three days back to back in the high mountains. That is a good a test you will get on any hound. I am lucky enough to have some pups coming from these packs this month. It will be a nice addition to my own pack.
  7. It depends on which breed of hound you are talking about, most harrier men would not let any scarteen breeding into their kennels. The scarteen use alot off kerry breeding using only black and tan harriers, which made them a very good pack. But then it is said that they used a black and tan coon hound for colour and ruined any breeding it was used on. The kerry harrier are a top class hound which comes in all colours including black and tan and tongue that is second to none. Some have double tongue and some of the more older lines have treble tongue.
  8. Definitely one of the biggest harriers shows in the country, not to be missed, and it is for a good cause.
  9. yes it is on this evening at 5.30 a good show
  10. Sounds like your hounds might have hookworm. Do they have any scolds on the pads of their feet?
  11. Will be there, looking forward to this show, it is for a good cause.
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