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  1. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Whatever but when the man himself said theres a touch of bull who do I believe Breay or your opinion..As the saying goes paper never refuses the ink
  2. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Agree I had one gifted in the 70s a red dog no brains though lot of bull in it head like a bucket but no brain in it LOL
  3. Brightmoor Bred Dog

    Nice to see they had the borders
  4. Paratrooper

    Cheers for that Ill go to a friends shop when I have the time ans see if he has some to try
  5. Paratrooper

    Yeah they have to be very short ..Its still got a sticker on it from new just wanted to make sure it was working ok..My mate has a load of old air rifles and is slowly getting them out and giving them to me scirrocos a zetra even an eliminater that he thinks is a .20 running under the limit and never been put on ticket a fenman etc etc
  6. Paratrooper

    This one is a repeater
  7. Aquired the above in very good condition but all the pellets I have here are to long to use in it..Anyone one else got one and fired it? What is a very short pellet on the market that would work.
  8. How much ?

    Dogs been dug to already and the mans happy with it..Everyone wants something for nought and saying its too expensive LOL idiots site dont change much at all ...
  9. The Dealer Dog

    well Ill believe what I was told mate bred in the south and then TW had it
  10. The Dealer Dog

    Why ask me Im just repeating what I was told about the dog .If you know as much as you infer whats your guess? Darcy said similar in his book as someone has said but not read the book myself..Told the dog was bred in the South
  11. The Dealer Dog

    long way back as I was told long story the dealer dog LOL
  12. Have you a contact number mate know someone who wants one to work with hounds

    1. swanseajack


      07775432214 Nigel

    2. donnyc


      Cheers Ill pass it on now

  13. The Dealer Dog

    Could add more but some people might object to the truth
  14. The Dealer Dog

    Sure it was a line based on nuttal stuff