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  1. donnyc

    Rescue dogs

    LOL at that,done it many times when with a pack landowners wives loved having them until 9 -10 month old until they started banging chickens cats etc
  2. combiclav is the same ingredients as synerlox
  3. donnyc

    2018 targets

    What estuary would that be ? My brother is going your way near the pea factory shortly ..PM if you want
  4. donnyc


    PMd you
  5. donnyc

    Donny C

    Still here LOL
  6. donnyc

    Fox traps

    That trigger mechanism is better if you take it off and grind flats on the round bar where they meet make them fit flat together
  7. donnyc

    Bert Gripton.

    Long time ago I know but did see Bert at a couple of shows but never got into conversation with him..Did have a day out with Barry Jones and watched Bert dig to a red ticked smooth dog the once but leave it at that ..Believe it was in the wheatland Country or nearbye that terrible reddish stuff..Not long after He arrived at my pack with a youngish lad no one knew him ,I did say try keeping up with me. Hounds really flew on one fox that just got in in front of hounds and my instructions were to bolt it ..shallowish spot but very rangy ..I went to my truck and the young lad came over to watch Bert stayed in his van ..I picked a bay mix bitch to put some pressure on it to bolt and after ten minutes it bolted..The young lad said the bitch wasnt any good as she was bitten well I left it at that ..I know the earth and hounds had really pushed him hard and in a big rangy spot with a bayer at it doubt it would have shifted ..One can only use what one thinks is most suitable for the job in hand...I really enjoyed my days at Stallings lane with a proper old school terrierman ..Very very diluted to virtually zilch is the Mick Dogs blood in my present terriers..Wandering around the old quarry behind his house many many hours spent there
  8. donnyc

    Bert Gripton.

    Some shite written here
  9. took the ££££££ and then closed it down...Still has his little band of followers some on here as well LOL
  10. donnyc

    Eddies book

    Jane did most of the registering but as said they were cut down drastically as no room for them when they moved to new premises
  11. donnyc

    Coypu hunting

    The old Eastern counties otterhounds hunted them on a regular basis and had a week based in one spot every summer ..Wyboston is a fair way from the main infected areas as we hunted way over near the suffolk coastline across to Snape maltings...The pack has changed now to the eastern counties mink hounds been out with them a few times but wasnt worth the walk ..Find more with terriers on a local stream that has a few 9 inch drains running off it never know whats at home in them always a surprise LOL
  12. donnyc

    Eddies book

    He only had a few when he went nothing like the numbers he kept down his old place
  13. donnyc

    Coypu hunting

    Very open some of them broads you could walk into a field with cattle grazing and we know what cattle are like with dogs let alone a pack of hounds ..When they ran towards the hounds drawing along a bank the whole field moved ..Terriers have got to have no fear of water and there were small trenches covered in rough grass and the coypu loved them some were a fair old length muddy and maybe up to the neck of a terrier in water but if bred right the terriers would run them and take hold..The things would walk on the bed of dykes etc strange animals but it was a break from the hunt work and kept terriers fit in the summer..If hounds marked ( something in) the other side of a deep river terrier would swim over to the mark and enter whatever they were marking no locaters in them days