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  1. Deer rifle recommends

    22.250 would do the job just fine, especially if you neck shoot them. I use a 30/06 which also does the job just fine.
  2. New caller

    Foxpro are the best callers.
  3. gun law

    I don't know where the myth comes from that says if a gun gets stolen "you're f****d". It simply isn't true. Every theft is taken on it's own merit and if you have taken reasonable precautions to prevent theft you have done your part. I know of several people having guns stolen and none lost their licence. One man had a shotgun stolen from his house that he had put in a cupboard while he nipped out somewhere. On his return he found he had been burgled and the gun stolen. He didn't lose his certificate because the house was all locked up and that was deemed reasonable precautions had been applied. So take every reasonable precaution you can to prevent theft as none of us want to lose our property to scrotes, but if you are unlucky don't think a certificate revocation is inevitable, it isn't.
  4. .17

    As stated the hmr is not the tool for 200yds . I personally don't like the calibre and replaced mine with a .17 hornet which was a good decision as far as i am concerned.
  5. AYA are good guns, however it will either be a yeoman or a no4 they are different guns. I have had a yeoman in the past and i currently own a no3 12 bore and a no4 20 bore.
  6. I can choose and operate the barrel i want to fire faster on a double trigger sbs than i can on a single selective trigger o/u.
  7. Most people learn to shoot at a clay ground these days and are taught using an o/u. The sight picture is different on a sbs so the vast amount of people stick with what they know which invariably will be o/u. This makes sbs gun users a minority so consequently the gun shops cater for whatever sells the most.
  8. Apart from my other guns i have a 12 bore AYA no3 sxs, a 20 bore AYA no4 sxs and a cracking little spanish .410 sxs. I quite like to shoot them aswell. Our syndicate captain runs a .410 only driven day once a year with the proceeds going to a local kids charity hospice. A lot of local shooters want to come and do this day as it is great fun, i use my .410 sxs on it and really enjoy shooting it.
  9. Show Us Ya Gundogs

    I don't know why i can;t write on the post of my dog but anyway it's my Lab bitch 16 months old.
  10. Goose call

    I am fairly certain mine is manufactured by zink. I got it from pro duck and goose supplies, it's a good call and easy to replicate pink footed geese on it,
  11. God Save the Queen.

    Well i for one don't believe the nhs is shite, it's been there for me and mine when we have needed it the most and i am gratefull that it was. Or we could live in somewhere like America where if you have no money for health care, you die!
  12. Ppu's Or Hornday

    Europe again sticking their fingers in, but as walshie says, Hornady will simply tweak the recipe! I doubt hornady will tweak anything to suit europe the market simply isn't big enough. We are about to lose hodgdon powders amongst others thanks to the interfering eu.
  13. 10 Shot Magazine

    You are never going to get anything gun related in this country cheaper or as cheap as America. So you have two choices, (1) cough up and enjoy the product. (2) Do without.
  14. Nice Night For Foxing.

    Good going! i had two similar on Friday night, an old dog and a this years dog cub.