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  1. God Save the Queen.

    Well i for one don't believe the nhs is shite, it's been there for me and mine when we have needed it the most and i am gratefull that it was. Or we could live in somewhere like America where if you have no money for health care, you die!
  2. Ppu's Or Hornday

    Europe again sticking their fingers in, but as walshie says, Hornady will simply tweak the recipe! I doubt hornady will tweak anything to suit europe the market simply isn't big enough. We are about to lose hodgdon powders amongst others thanks to the interfering eu.
  3. 10 Shot Magazine

    You are never going to get anything gun related in this country cheaper or as cheap as America. So you have two choices, (1) cough up and enjoy the product. (2) Do without.
  4. Nice Night For Foxing.

    Good going! i had two similar on Friday night, an old dog and a this years dog cub.
  5. David makes a big difference to accuracy , when a trigger is too heavy you can pull a shot very easily... Lighter trigger, your not pulling off target. For the sake of £10 no brainer and makes the trigger around 1lb in pull weight, got one in my Tikka .243 and .223 .. i have a set trigger in my T3 supervarmint, set to 8oz it is superb to use.
  6. Ppu's Or Hornday

    It's exactly the same principle as using a dayscope. I used to borescope my n750 and now my Drone pro.
  7. Few Foxes

    Good going, now is the time to hit those daft cubs before they get educated.
  8. I think at £865 for a savage, a cz .17 hornet i a much better proposition altogether.
  9. I swapped my hmr a few years ago but for a .17 hornet, best thing i did.
  10. First Blood To T3

    I'll have to look into this new .232 Calibre, not come across it before, but seems to work for you. ATB! I was thinking that, must be a wildcat calibre.
  11. Thanks for that it's very interesting. Quite a pronounced curve and more than i thought it would be.
  12. Elliot, using 40grn ammo and zeroed to 100yds what is the drop at 150yds, 200yds and 250yds.?
  13. 223 Granted

    T3 all day, every day.
  14. I always use winchester subs, they seem to kill better for me
  15. My 22 Hornet

    Right i have lapped mine and it is now smooth to operate whether pointing up or down. I tried it with a mag full of cartridges and it is fine nothing to do with the extractor claw on this one. What you need to remember is cz are cheap mass produced rifles that lack the finish of better quality rifles. That said if you do the finishing they are a decent enough rifle. I will bet they are very cheap indeed in their country of origin it's just that the greedy importers in this country charge us a fortune for them. However i still wish Tikka made a .17 Hornet i would have one tommorrow over a cz.