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  1. Got 10 fox nets for sale made of various strong materials all 6 foot comes with oak pegs 75 pound includes postage more can be made to order cheers
  2. Lets See Your Bullxs Folks

    Send me your addy black maggie an al post you a quid it will be in coppers if that ok?
  3. Lets See Your Bullxs Folks

    Nice dog mate what ages?
  4. Heres mine bull/grey x saluki/grey not long turned a year
  5. Heres mine bull/grey x saluki/grey not long turned a year
  6. As above for sale packing up the shooting the shotfun is a 3 shot semi auto 12 gauge never jammed on me shows signs of work as was my keepering gun and cabinet and belt are clean looking for 400 for the lot based in annan dumfries and Galloway pm me for any more details lisence holders only obviously
  7. Now The Season Comes To An End

    hit the pike and course fishing and get out with the shotgun
  8. applying for jobs??

    My problem ie I mention is dogs it puts them off alive done my years course at the borders college and they don't wanna hear about d
  9. applying for jobs??

    My problem ie I mention is d
  10. Would anybody be interested

    Alright folks am looking for 150 a pup which I think is a fair for a price a pup if anybody is interested plz pm me pm me cheers
  11. Would anybody be interested

    Based in annan, Dumfries an Galloway looking for 150 for both dogs an bitches
  12. Alright folks my whippet caught my beddy terrier a couple months back an there's a gd chance she's in pup the mother is a pure beddy if rillington lines great wee busher necer stops at anything an has been dropped in a couple of stop ends to fox an has done really well the father is a well bred working whippet is a great wee ferreting dog an does well on the lamp an was gonna ask if anybody would be interested in a pup I'm no peddler and am not just into it for the money I want these pups to go to a gd home pm me for anymore details
  13. Dog names please

    Was thinking tonic cause me other yin is called gin lol
  14. Dog names please

    Still need a name folks struggling lol
  15. fao mickmck and stabba

    f**k me lol what a state get it down