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  1. See Basc have removed shooting insurance
  2. Been a while since been on here in fact probibly a couple of yrs
  3. ok I have got my first terrier she is a parsons Russell ruff coat would you hand strip or cut her coat, took her to the dog parlour today and they wanted £45 to hand strip her, how hard is it and how long will it take.
  4. Anybody work parson Russell terriers and if so how do you rate them
  5. My dogs have the run of my garden but when anyone walks past the fence they bark and now that I have a neighbour moved in across the road with a dog they bark even more, what's the best way to stop this, ie collars or any other ideas before I end up getting reported. have two lurchers and a parsons Russell and it is only the lurchers that bark
  6. live lines in armadale will sort you out
  7. where in Scotland bud interested
  8. looking for a rifle for my 10yr old boy, had him at air gun range today and he had great fun, what have you got that would be good for him.
  9. looking for pcp full set up preferred Scotland only got £500 to spend what have you got.
  10. My jrt pup jumpped fae the chair and clattered her back leg she yelped and was lifting it for a coiple mins. decided to she how she was next day and with no improvement took her to the vet and got a 3day course of anti inflamitrys she had the last one roday and despite the fack she is getting more bold and can now go up stairs i can see she still got some pain in her leg. Do you think i should take her to the vet for an xray despite them saying they think it is just bruising or wait a few more days. What is the expected healing time for this kind of injury
  11. i wouldn't have he'd running on it just yet mate I'd let the anti inflamatory do there job and give her a couple of days just lite walking on it on her/his lead its no running outside its when she is in the house and she hears anybody coming she runs to great them.
  12. my jrt pup is 20 weeks old and jumped from the chair and clattered the table with her back leg she gave a yelp and ran lifting her leg but decided to leave he till the next day to see how she was. so this was Sunday it happened and on Monday took her to the vet and got a 3 day course of anti inflammatory tabs she seems more lively again slowly getting back to her old self and is going up the stairs now were she couldn't even make it up one step when it happened. the vet thinks it is bruising and don't think there is anything broken but when she is trying to run I see she is lifting er back l
  13. its no about the cost, but think it is going to fall off or she will pull it off
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