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  1. Siblings

    He got that many pics he sorting through the best ones 😂
  2. Siblings

    They got rid as no good working in a large pack with beaters and lots of noise going on. I took a punt, an ya know what it paid off and the bitch works well like I said she puts enough up for the runners so I’m happy couldn’t give a f**k what you think to be honest mate cuz she ent never gonna work for you is she so stop worrying ya self about other people’s dogs and get on with bringing ya own dogs on. I’ll be out tomorrow and a few more days this week and I bet there a few things put away so that’s all I care about.
  3. Siblings

    Got a bitch out the litter here and grafts ok for us. She used to clam up when out with the pack and beaters but took her on an now she just works in a pack of no more than 5 dogs and she works her arse off. Opens up lovely and will graft all day. She clammed up I think twice in a couple of months and it lasts 5-10 mins where she stay close then she back to her old self screaming her head off. For 15-15 month old I’d say she doing just fine. Put plenty up so more than happy
  4. Pups first season

    Like the look of him. Hope he does well for you
  5. Best Lamp Set Up?

    Strap tied on to lamp then over ya shoulder does the trick. Gets in your way now and again but I can deal with that. Im only 5ft 6 and Ive done plenty of nights with this lamp, 2 dogs on diff slips and also my thermal. You soon get used to it
  6. Best Lamp Set Up?

    Thanks bunnyboiler, few to many smokes last night I think
  7. Best Lamp Set Up?

    Just used my new lightforce 210 last night as I got one after using a friends for a bit. Did use the 170 tracer and this a much better lamp but not the cheapest at about 150 but you can just tell its a lamp thats well made and if it works well for atleast a few seasons I wont moan but imagine Ill get a lot more
  8. Day Out

    Nice looking day and atleast you never came back empty handed. 👍
  9. Help Needed

    Mate you cant go wrong with the xq38 f. Ive recently got one and its a game changer. Wouldnt be without it now if Im honest. More than enough range on it for pretty much anywhere you hunt I imagine and half the price of the xp 50
  10. First Of Season Fox And Experiance

    Fair play. Looks like a good fox 👍
  11. Ill take it if its an all rounder