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  1. The dangers of aspirin.

    i give mine junior ibuprofen when we get in from a nights graft and his facial area swollen, only 5 mill a time and by next morning it’s pretty much back to normal. he’s also a big strong dog so there’s not much that bothers him, 2 nd season now and he not been off with an injury once apart from a bug he must have got and he wasn’t himself for a week. fed him up and he was soon back to his normal self.
  2. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    You got pm mate
  3. Little lads funny as !

    😂😂😂. Great stuff
  4. Herding them or killing them 😂
  5. Armed Police........

    Of course not unless your dog got a weapon in its hand running at them. Then it maybe season over. And not at you either unless there life was been threatened
  6. Permission. What’s that. Only permission I need is off the missus and she gives me that most days so just get yourself out there. Get yourself some thermal so you can be a bit more discreet and your off. Or ask fox dropper hel tell you a nice spot down the m4. He don’t mind people poppin on there now and again. 😂
  7. Trying to work things out

    There’s one from the litter doing everything asked of him and having a great season so far
  8. Blitz for me. Used to use the 170 but wouldn’t change back now after having this
  9. Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Looks just as good in the flesh aswel, went out for a mooch with boris last week and he’s a handy dog doing his job well. Credit to you mate
  10. Bobcocks

    Nice looking dog, how’s he bred 😂
  11. Lost Lurcher

    Sorry to hear your bad news mate. Gutted for you
  12. How you get him to do that mate. Mine buries them aswel 🙈. It don’t bother me too much as we not out ferreting and we don’t catch many anyway but it would be nice for him to bring one back one day 😂. I put it down to him catching with other dogs around when younger and over protective of his catch as he has a very high prey drive. I never got him till he was 17 months so never got the puppy stage with him. He keeps me happy in other ways though so not too bothered
  13. For Staffs Riff Raff

    Looks ok to me mate, nice bitch
  14. Pups first season

    Like the look of him. Hope he does well for you