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  1. Yes he did. Has a bitch back now out the litter which I thinks doing well and I also know there’s another out the litter down Northampton way that’s doing ok too Atb Igz
  2. Happy days mate, she looks a solid bitch. Hope things work out. Good signs if most doing what there owners want. Took pup out few nights ago to be honest I’d only been walking mine now really but there was high winds and it was quite cold so I wanted to keep him up to date with things and he had couple nice catches. I know it’s probably a bit late but that will be us finished now ending on a high. Sure wel bump into a few bits and pieces on our local summer walks but he seems like he got heart. Even better for you aswel as it’s a bitch and I know you want to keep your own stuff so it could be a good start for you. atb Igz
  3. Tried it once, never again. Too many cats or foxes round by me and if I left them to run off lead they either be hit by a car or over someone’s back garden after sumet. I just find places with no one about and plenty of free running gets em fit enough and as long as your out for atlest an hour or two a day they will keep a certain fitness through summerAtb Igz
  4. Always said I liked the look of that pup
  5. Fair play mate, happy to hear it for you. Even better when they surprise you like that. Mine done exactly same at 9 month. Finished on a high last night of the season with 3. Hopefully they keep it up
  6. Yes mate. Just relaxing now not doing a lot just local walks Atb Igz
  7. The gaffer and his apprentice. Both had a busy season. Time for relaxing and soaking up the sun when possible. Staffy tags along now and again when we’re just out for a local walk and I know there be no other dogs around as he can be a c**t. Atb Igz
  8. Looks like your doing a good enough job to me. I’m a long way but I’ve got loads of therma board 75 or 100 ml thick I would have let you have you you wanted it. I’m going to insulate myne out over the summer and maybe line it with some sort of plastic. Atb Igz
  9. Don’t just leave them c**ts to take your phone and dog mate I would be on the phone every minute trying to get dog back and deffinatley be getting phone off rspca they have no rights to have your phone. If you don’t try to get dog it’s suspect he’s your pet you want him back. Don’t take no for an answer. Quick phone call from a solicitor and I’m sure you’ll get your dog and phone backAtb Igz
  10. Go on GPS4us website, if I was you I’d go for the t5 mini there a lot smaller than the normal t5. Battery less but mini is still more than enough. Think you get about 9 hours life. Speak with them on the online chat but they are American so you will need to speak with them at the right time or just leave a messsge but the ones I’ve had I just order and they work straight out the box. Remember you will have to buy the handset with it. Think it’s the alpha 100 now. I have the old 360 but think that’s discontinued now. Deffo worth the money.
  11. Can’t go wrong with the garmin t5 minis but I know people use others which are a bit cheaper.atb Igz
  12. Get caught with a knife they have to arrest for possession of a bladed article I presume then obviously if you have a dog with you, lamp and the rest they will look into it a little.Easiest thing for them to do is give dog to rspca. If your in court you’ve been charged surely your paperwork tells you what your offence is. You need to give the full story to get a straight answer else the answers you’ll get will be wrong. I’ve spent a lot of time at her majesty’s pleasure when younger and people only tell you the bits they want to tell you and ask what you think about the situation where if they told you everything your answer would more than likely be different. I’m presuming from what he’s said they was bothered mainly about the knife they will leave anything else to rspca to follow up if they wish too. Hope all goes well for you. Atb Igz
  13. I don’t mind a bit of night bushing, normally go over the golf course opposite my house and let them run free for an hour or two. Just had to cut tonight’s session short though as my young dog just hit a tree. I’ve got thermal so I will watch them through that as they go about there business and they had just had a little run when I could see one of them was on the way back towards me and in between us sat a couple of bunnies between a tree line so as he s within 20 yards I flick the lamp on then as he spots it and turns he hits it. A right f***ing thud. Heart was in my mouth as I got to him and it was like he was fitting but I’m not sure if just in the moment he trying to keep getting up and his legs going on him. I sat next to him for 10 mins letting him get his head together and walked him back home on the lead. Wasn’t walking too bad but not perfect. Checked him over pressing and rubbing him down and there’s no sign of pain so I’m hoping it just took the wind out of him and just a bit concussed. I’ll go check on him couple of times before bed but hopefully he ok. Not nice to see especially when he worked so well for a young dog in his first season. I’ve gave him inflacam and a big feed so hopefully that helps with any pain.Atb Igz
  14. Yes she looks in good shape mate. He done well for me again this season mate to be fair. He gets better every season for me. Rarely takes any stick now and he has a big heart so does just fine for me. He had his faults but they don’t really bother me for what I want him for so I try to work him to his strengths. Think he only been layed up once for a week this season so he’s been busy but I also think he been the key to my young dog taking to things so well. As well as all the hours we’ve put in. Atb Igz
  15. Your bitch looking well mate
  16. Igz


    I’m not nocking some of the older fellas saying they wouldn’t pay more than 2-250 for a Lurcher and I didn’t give anymore than that myself for either of my two but I just think with the way times have changed the price of everything changes. For the sake of an extra hundred quid would you really not buy it if that’s what you wanted especially when it’s something that’s hopefully going to give you maybe 8,10 years maybe even longer s worth of enjoyment and companionship. If there was something I wanted and I had the money to spare I’d buy it within reason obviously. Understand if it was way over the odds maybe asking 5 or 6 hundred but for for someone buying a dog from someone they don’t know I don’t think 350 Is a bad price nowadays really.
  17. I’d say I’ve run him a little heavy this season to be honest but I just wanted to keep a bit of meat on him. Next season I will trim him down a bit to hopefully make him that little bit sharper. They will still get out for atlest an hour or so most days during the summer so won’t be just lying on there bed. I actually like to wake up at 4-5 in the morning in the summer months throw a t shirt and shorts on and have a quick hour local before the dog walkers get out. Atb Igz
  18. Here’s myne enjoying a beef ice lol in the sun today. 15 months now and showing great promise for me. Suprised me for the first time at 9 months at the back end of last summer when he found himself sumet to have a play with. Then there was a few times I was thinking he was chasing and not connecting but I have to put that down to his age as just after he started to get the nack. Then out a few weeks ago with a keeper mate of mine and he retrieved 3 in about 3 hours so was over the moon. He’s had a good teacher in my other dog and also done other stuff on his own aswel so at the moment he’s deffo worth feeding. Think a lot has to do with how much they get out as I don’t think any of my dogs would be near where there at if I wasn’t out 4-5 times a week. I’ve slowed up a bit now the last week or two. Just been a bit lazy more than anything but both my dogs have done plenty. I’ll be sticking to daytime walks now with probably just a few more nights on the lamp this month keep him keen then wel enjoy our rest over the summer. Atb Igz
  19. If you have a look on a site called Decathlon mate and type hunting clothing into the search bar there’s a few types of trousers, fleeces all sorts really and a good price too mate. Hope you find what you need
  20. Fair play mate. Nice when they start to do a few bits and pieces for you. Well happy with my young un what I started this season. Hope she carry’s on do the business for you. Atb Igz
  21. In fact my older dog has been on both of these ( inflacam and amoxicillin ) last few days as he had swelling and an infection. Didn’t even want to come out his kennel for food. Within 24 hours of been dosed up was nearly back to himself so always worked for me and also a lot of others I know.
  22. Sorry never explained properly. What I meant was is I will use ibuprofen as an anti inflamatory If I never had any inflacam not metacam and amoxicillin as an antibiotic if dog has an infection.
  23. I’ve always used ibuprofen if not metacam or the likes of and always does the same job. Same as amoxicillin. Atb Igz
  24. Yes mate, much preferred to hunt them daytime, busher and runner or as long as your Lurcher keen enough you don’t really need a busher to nock them up as they will sit tight, like you say a bit wasted on the lamp for a bigger dog.
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