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  1. Show Us Your White Dog's

    Gary. 18mnths old.
  2. Dog Trace Locators

    Anybody used this and if so what did you think? Cheers
  3. Genuine 1St Cross Bull Greyhound

    Another entertaining read involving the bull x lol. Anything over 26 is to big imo to. And just to add a dog being marked up doesn't mean anything
  4. Paxton Show?

    Cheers mate
  5. Paxton Show?

    Anyone know if the the Paxton are doing a show this year?
  6. Only went on the Saturday and was a good crowd
  7. Working Russell's

    what lines is he mate looks like her got abit of fell hound in him haha you best ask your boss
  8. Working Russell's

    My pup filling out well.
  9. Best Lurcher For Deer

    I dont know about the name coming from the bloke who preserved them but your right about nealy being exstinct ,think there was a herd in Woburn Abbey about 30 year ago and some ended up in Margam Park ,thier still in Margam .
  10. Best Lurcher For Deer

    The Pere Davids mate
  11. Best Lurcher For Deer

    Don't think my terriers would reach lol
  12. Best Lurcher For Deer

    Just seen them in a park near to me and they also been spotted out and about in surrounding areas so just curious that's all
  13. Best Lurcher For Deer

    Anyone had any run ins with the Pierre David stags? Pre ban obviously
  14. Anybody From Wales Know?

    Cheers lads
  15. Anybody From Wales Know?

    Anyone from wales know when the caerphilly show is? Nothing about it in the gamefair section so anyone on here know? Cheers.