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  1. What you listening to at the moment.

    Ah. It's so rare that a Bob track that I'm listening to at the moment is actually available on YouTube. Just sent it to himself too (it's one of 'our songs'). 'Steal a little and they throw you in jail; Steal a lot and they make you King...'
  2. Pigs 2017

    Really love this thread. Just out of interest, Pesky, do you have a meat slicer?
  3. Cruciate ligament damage.

    So sorry that read that. Run free Blue. Huge condolences Peterhunter.
  4. Swans and ducks

    LOVE that last shot.
  5. Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Ha. I took loads and got couple reasonable ones (just on phone) but none as good as this one of yours. Gorgeous.
  6. Came across this clump of mermaids purses on the beach this morning. Not really beautiful, and certainly not great photos, but interesting (to me) bit of nature. (Wondered how and why so many came to be tangled up together like this.... Although there was a piece of fishing line in there..... Would they have hatched from this cluster, or is it just a tangle of sea debris?)
  7. beekeeping

  8. beekeeping