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  1. Sparrowhawk's

    Awesome indeed. particularly like pics 2,3 and 4, showing the feathers. Am always blown away by your and others photos on this thread. I’ve never really noticed birds all that much- they’re just ‘there’; but, thanks to the photographers on here, I’m seeing and noticing so much more. Lovely. Thanks.
  2. What you listening to at the moment.

  3. Pigs 2018

    Those little pigs are gorgeous. They look like fruitcake.
  4. Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    Imagine how I feel about the spellings!!!!
  5. LurcherXtoypug

    You sure the pug’s a bitch? (...First pic looks a bit Marcellus Wallace, to me...)
  6. Let's See Your Phone Shots !!

    ..?.. you’ve lost the toad; not the pot....? (Always feel a bit sorry for toads, because they’re not as pretty or cool as frogs...)
  7. What you listening to at the moment.

    Nope. Still not feelin it. I’ll give you the harp, (a bit) but if you take out the sexy laydees rock chick thing, it just sounds (to me) bland and inauthentic. admittedly i have a deep love for the original and that whole album, so probs biased.
  8. What you listening to at the moment.

    I’m sorry, but no.
  9. Wondered if anyone on this section could give me some advice? Lots of signs recently gone up in park where I often walk the dog, and bait boxes. ‘Anti-coagulant’ ‘risk of secondary poisoning’ Dif... something. My dog has never been worked but is an averagely inquisitive 2 year old. Should I avoid this park? Put him on a lead? Stop being neurotic old woman and just leave him sniff / find at will? Chap I know to say hello to, who has a young lurcher he works, says to avoid area altogether as rats will travel and pee and their trail will be toxic to dogs. PS sorry about the font change.... am techno dimbo..
  10. Yep. I went for boiling them, but just couldn’t get the fuzzy inside skins off. Started with this ended up with this carnage and singed fingers. i may try again next year...
  11. Monday TEA IN THE 50s

    On a slight tangent, but re ‘the old days’ and cheaper cuts, I remember getting home from school one day and seeing in the fridge what I thought was a piece of some sort of chilled ice-cream bombe thing, like I’d seen at my friends house. (They had all sorts of wonderful things made by Birdseye, AND a Soda Stream). No.... it was a wedge of cows udder. (I feel like we’ve had pork chops with kidney in fairly recently? Is this not a thing anymore and I’m misremembering?)
  12. Well they look and sound rather nice. Love Chestnuts, and cook with them quite a bit (more savoury stuff... always with pheasant, or if making a nut roast; we often have a tapas (tapa?) thing of chicken livers, chorizo and Chestnuts cooked in sherry.) I make pancakes with chestnut flour, and use it to thicken autumn flavours. Picked up a pocketful last year and had a plan to cook and freeze loads (which fell at the first hurdle, so I continue to buy them ready cooked). Look forward to the taste test update. Edited to add Pickled walnuts are VILE