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  1. All depends on the dog, if the dogs keen as mustard hitting cover hard already then don't let it chase as you'll lose it completely. If the dog needs a bit of geeing up then you can get away with a few chases. Some only need 1 chase before they click and some need more every dogs different
  2. Main thing is don't push the dog, it'll all fall in place when you start on the live game. Get the dog on some rabbits and let it have a chase, then when it's hunting good and hard you can start to bring it back. That's how I start steady dogs anyway. Cheers Tom
  3. Join national organisation of beaters and pickers up, they'll put you in touch with any local shoots.
  4. Try using bread, by up all cheap stuff at end of the day from shops and bait for few days all around and in the trap, then shut the doors. Always worked for me. Also, watch out using carrion as bait, always some nosey git out there ready to accuse you of trying to catch birds of prey!!
  5. Definitely interested it'll just be trying to find the time to come up! Though if this weather carries on wont be able to get on the rearing field soon anyway lol. Are you needing to get rid of them ASAP then? Cheers
  6. Not worried what sort just so long as they got promise. Where bouts are you?
  7. Always the way mate, when we get one getting bullied like that we chuck it out to run free, they'll never do in the pen just end up killed. When you do the beak, make sure you only do the top beak and take a small amount off, just so that they can't get a grip of feathers but not so much they can't get a feed. No problems mate glad to help
  8. They should settle down, and if you do run 3 in a pen sometimes 2 will seem to pick on one so expect that. It's same method as spurring but just taking the very tip of the top beak off, stops them getting a proper hold of feathers and pulling them out.
  9. Also have they been in there long? They'll take a while to sort out there harems and then should settle down.
  10. For 18 hens you'll be better off with just 2 cocks, there'll be a lot less fighting with that, that pens plenty big enough, we've done 9 hens a cock in a 10x10, although moved on a weekly basis. Have you despurred/debeaked the cock birds, that can reduce damage to cocks and hens alot.
  11. They'll tread no worries, and probably start fighting again when there used to there specs, the specs are mainly to stop egg pecking more than anything. Tom
  12. We've tried utopia which stood really well, also had a lot of wild bird mixtures included in HLS schemes, and that seemed to hold birds really well.
  13. Sensible prices really, obviously don't wanna pay a fortune on unproven dogs! But don't expect to pay next to nothing either
  14. Yeah I've got a pup lined up but wanted something to bring on for this season, I've got a lot of work but it's a pain always having to call someone in! Hence the reason for the older dog
  15. Looking for a terrier any breed so long as out of good stuff, around 10-14months to bring on for this coming season. Cheers, Tom
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