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It's a tough old game..

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I still have a team of lurchers (cripples & pensioner's) just! I'm down to the 4 lurchers now,old Don is still here with me,he will be 14 on his next birthday,Boots will be 10 year's old come the

This is Bear..even after having a broken neck he's still capable of doing almost everything he could before his accident..it's just the smaller ground game he isn't as nimble at picking up as he was p

This is Rose & the break she suffered earlier this year..

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5 hours ago, Penda said:

I learned that 1 along time ago wer the 5th lads wer the fifth ?


2 hours ago, Black neck said:

Superstitious clap trap ,but just 2 be sure I'm not letting mine out till after the 5th 


50 minutes ago, Penda said:

Wer the 5th trust thee I payed the maximum price for it 


13 minutes ago, Black neck said:

Have no fears I avoid the 5th like the plague 

Too many fireworks?  ?

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2 minutes ago, shaaark said:

Lol yeah, but I'm sure,  when asked who he was, a few days ago, said his name is Billy!!  ?

f****n case and a half, old grebby!!  Lol



I have a feeling he’s wheelchair bound and lives in his mum and dad’s basement and loves red tube ??

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15 minutes ago, Penda said:

Propa gs roll the red tube bru


12 minutes ago, keepdiggin said:

Not sharing socks with you’re mate though mate 

Not even going to pretend I know what the f**k you boys are on about!! 

I'm practically a pensioner, and have lived a somewhat sheltered life.  ?

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