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What's the strangest way you've gained a permission for the dogs?

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Got access to a huge permission yesterday but through funny circumstances, so thought to share and ask if anyone else has had similar. Excuse the essay;

Went out for a daytime wander with the dogs and the missus around one of my favourite mooching grounds where I grew up. Just as we're getting on to the first footpath, a gamekeeper spins up the road on his atv gesturing at us to stop. Gives the usual, "those dogs better only be walking on footpaths on leads" routine, but was friendly enough if a lil suspicious, so l took him as I found him. 

An hour or so later and we're having a wee forage for some mushies in a field about 3 miles away, after about 45 mins in this field, up roles the farmer in his landy. "They're good looking dogs, do you race them", couldn't help but chortle, "nah but they do earn their keep with the odd bit of pest control", "is that what you call it nowadays? Well just so ya know, I quite like my hares". Had the sort of jovial back and forth that gave the distinct impression he thought I was up to no good, but being I wasn't, off we trod homewards. 

Just as we're heading back on the first footpath, who appears but our gamekeeper friend from earlier, "you two still here are ya?".. turns out the farmer had called him, adamant we were out for daytime hares and had send him on a recon. Apparently the farmer has a soft spot for the hares and has had lads pinched on his land already this year. 

20 minutes later, and with some decent patter and a bit of cheek, Ive got the guys number and have somehow landed myself a permission on 1000 acres. Turns out the gamekeeper can't do enough to keep fox numbers down and wants some help. In return, I get to run my dogs anytime except October and November (gamekeep has reared 15k birds and doesn't want the shooting disturbed), i can have my pick of the game birds after shoots as they all go to the dealer for nothing, and i get to knock a few foxes as well.

Left with a beaming smile and happy in the knowledge I won't be poaching his land again, haha. Happy boy.

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Had a dog to ground in a small bank along a dried up river bank....my mates stood holding his bull X and the fox decided to bolt...well my mate was taken right off his feet🤣 dog caught the fox and made very short work of it...heard a whistle...looked up and Theres an old boy lent across the fence...we start panicking and apologizing like f**k....He says 'well you don't see that every day boys'..next time knock the door and I show you where everything is🙈 fair play he was true to his word gave us permission and we gained a load more👍

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When I lived in Lincolnshire I had a caravan on a farm next to North Lincs Coursing Clubs running grounds. Naturally I used to have a run now and again and lamp rabbits a bit too. One night on my way back from lamping I was walking down a grassy lane where cattle had been put to graze the grass down. I came across a steer upside down in a concrete drinking trough with all four legs stuck up in the air. It was about half two or three in the morning but I thought I'd better do something so I went to the farmhouse and woke the farm manager. He was a bit surprised when I said what was up and I don't have a clue how they got it out but the farm manager gave me permission to ferret the farm and occasionally let me run hares if they were gathering on a young crop.

I think they were surprised I'd bothered but I couldn't just leave it like that.

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Was having a dig when farmer came flying over more or less jumped off the quad while still moving started ranting straight away.so just kept calm said my terrier had flown to ground so blocked holes up with a few stones and my jacket went home for spade and lurcher once id dug my dog out id fill back in and be on my way to which he told me a few times if I didn't feck now off id be getting a good hiding to which I just replied no probs but not till id dug my dog out by time id dug my dog and lurcher nailed the fox he was impressed said give him a knock could go on anytime but no hares or deer anything else he explained 4 lads with dogs had give him alot of abuse few days before and he was pissed off because he couldn't get round to them quick enough haha.

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I used to ferret "poach " on estate grounds for years and few times I see estate workers and they never said a word they must have thought I had perm as I'd be blatant about it and one day keepers drove up a track I ferreting near and he stopped and I thinking he's going to say pack up and off but all he said was stay away from me birds and deer you OK, worked it for 25 Yr until new keeper took over after old one retired 

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Went out with a young lady many years ago, she had a wild reputation in the small town we lived in. I steered her in the right direction and her dad gave me free rein on his 2000 acres to hunt. Didn't work out between me and her but I had some great times on the land and off it, lol.

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