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What a friggin let down....

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Have a few coins here,for 20 years,..kept them only because their fairly aged....so I was checking them out to see what solar are worth and BAMMMM.......I saw this .......oh says I...at last ,a bit of luck....

Here's my coin....old penny minted 1900








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10 minutes ago, Ken's Deputy said:

Not following ye here, Jig 😐 1900. 1901. 1898. That's three completely different years. Could have had completely different mint runs.

You need to concentrate on 1900. Probably still fukking worthless. But, hey ho ..... :D

That's cause I haven't a clue what I'm talking about lol....my penny is 1900,....I was hoping I could retire from what it's worth....which seems to be £4.95 lol

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I had a coin collection, my mother recently gifted it to my cousin in America, along with my stamps I believe? I'm don't begrudge him he's on the spectrum, and I've not looked at them since I was probably 11, but might have given them to my kids....anyways there were pages of bright might penny's, probably nothing of great value though. My mother had her stamp collection valued in the 70s I believe , and the guy shut shop and did a bunk with them,penny reds and all that... 

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