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On 18/09/2021 at 18:27, Daniel cain said:

There was a chap on here yrs ago used to make and  sell the old type collars...can't remember his name for love or money? think they was £28 each posted,I bought a load 10 yrs or more ago and they still going strong,The blue/yellow ones are the ones he used to make ,next too mk1 in the picDSC_0707.JPG.5f08cbfcbb6377fdb1b3681d9a5823bf.JPG?


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First impressions  the Box arrived this this morning , it was very well  wrapped and labelled , the box is a Mk 1 but much better made ,the collar  is highly  visible and made of plastic and a good si

On the other hand ; if the box is basically a Mk1 ( actually a misnomer as there were several marks of the "Mark 1"?) it will work with modern collars.

Same, I love the new collars no messing about with a screwcap and insulation tape etc just a nice waterproof collar with the magnet to turn it on and off but just can’t get on with the disco box and n

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3 hours ago, wildman said:

DC, do you mean David Arthur's from Rotherham , I've had collar, s from him in the past ,think his handle was Pippa, could be wrong ,unfortunately he's gone now.

Yes mate Pippa was his name..shame that,he  was a lovely gentleman to deal with?

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Having just lost a mk3 collar this morning somehow I am in a bit of a bind.

what are the current options realistically?

I have 2 mk3m collars (now) and a locator box but I really could do with maybe 5 collars. 

is my best option one of these new sets with some collars (and will they pick up my mk3 collars?) or something else. 

I really can’t be bothered going back in time and working without collars. 

could do with it sorted ASAP because got a busy spell coming up. 


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1 hour ago, W. Katchum said:

If the 2 that don’t work are just cos the silver contact has fell out he empty side of the cap then a bit glue to hold it on will fit i back in place, but if it’s the cap side with magnetic switch (usually is) inside that’s broken then they are goosed as it’s a sealed unit I’m sure an even seven refused to fox mine when I tried but offered to sell me a few cheaper than usual. Hold onto them tho as somebody may suss it out as now there’s none about some body will find a way. 

All in a box waiting for a genius to figure out fixing them (with the exception of one sitting somewhere down a Warren). 

Just frustrating that we are sat with good (expensive) kit that is now pretty useless and I can’t help but think that il spend money on this recent one and then something better will come along. 

having said that, little lurcher is coming along nicely so it’s worth getting out regardless on locators being a pain. 

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On 02/10/2021 at 16:15, Dan Newcombe said:

Thanks, that’s my issue. I just need the collars and they are rocking horse ….. to get hold of. 

I’ve even got 2 collars that don’t work and can’t find anyone to see if they can be fixed - ridiculous and frustrating. 


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