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Well bred saluki lurcher pups

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If I wanted one of these pups, I'd pay £500 in a heartbeat !

But it's come to something that we now think £500 is a decent price for a lurcher pup.......I suppose it is when compared to the £1,000's people are paying for crossbreed potlickers like cockerpoos and such.

These coursing dogs have allways sold at a premium, way above "normal" lurcher prices, and lads have been willing to pay.

I don't begrudge what anyone gets for pups, it seems to be a sellers market, but I'm glad there's still people in our game breeding for the sport, not the money.


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18 minutes ago, mC HULL said:

I love watching old bits on greyhound racing mate 👌 really was another world bk then packed to the rafters shame its gone down hill 👍

You're not wrong mate.  Back in the day, late 70's early 80's, the bigger greyhound races, derby, cesarewich etc, would regularly be on normal tv. Sadly, all gone.

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Just now, SheepChaser said:

Amazes me how much folk moan a little paying for running dogs  😂 them pups are crackers. 

Fensfar really does do right by em there  alway absolutely immaculate 👍

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1 hour ago, mC HULL said:

I think so mate 👍 I dont think a greyhound can add nothing to a good coursing bred its going backwards speed isn't an issue 👍

There have been half bred, saluki  greyhound put in, 

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2 minutes ago, low plains drifter said:

Caulfields well known dog Joe was bred down from these, think his Sally might have been aswell, long time ago now

Joe was out of swoop a quality bitch merlin eve bred to a dog out of bob and imported saluki 👍

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10 minutes ago, mC HULL said:

Fensfar really does do right by em there  alway absolutely immaculate 👍

You can tell that a mile off mate. 

It costs me £100 to fill my truck up and about £150-200 a corner to put tyres on it.

So I can’t put four new tyres on the truck for the cost of one of those pups ..... the tyres will last a year if I’m lucky but most likely one will go pop within a few months. 

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