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Collie, a versatile breed.

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5 minutes ago, Moocher71 said:


Like you have said respect to the man and you can clearly see Joe put the time and effort in from the dog being a pup unlike those that get pups and just expect them to excel with no time put in !!!

Couldn't agree more. That old nature/nurture debate again.

I remember reading an article about Scottish shepherd/sheepdog trainer John Holmes in which the author put forward their opinion that what made him such a good dog trainer was not so much the tractability of his collies, but rather the fact that he could get such good results with a wide variety of breeds. Actually, I've just remembered, I think that article may have been written by Old Phil (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong Phil).

With my first three kelpies, I was complimented once by a kelpie breeder when I pointed out that mine were all calm and easy going. I said I thought it was because of their breeding, but she said it was more likely to be because of the way I'd raised them...then I got Ned...and I have to admit that, unfortunately, I was right!??

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Really like my young Collie bitch, 19 1/2” and 14 months. Been doing great ferreting, very biddable, sensible, great marker, also started marking moles. Can stop on hares, I don’t want her running the

15 months and 19 1/2” , nippy little thing, looking forward to some ferreting with her this winter, a good age now for it.

Great Post this ,me great uncul always had herders for rabbiting and poaching and always said if you walking along a country lane no one blinks I eye lid if you got a collie by ya side not so a lurche

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On 01/07/2021 at 20:33, lifelong cumbrian said:

15 months and 19 1/2” , nippy little thing, looking forward to some ferreting with her this winter, a good age now for it.


Looking good mate ,my great unculs used collies for all types of poaching and wouldnt have any other type  



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