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I’ve got one to do today as they said they are getting into the lounge.Probably left the windows open on night shift so the light has attached them in.Normal practice on some of the homes we do but they never open the windows,must think we are stupid 

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Few phone calls about big wasps buzzing about....2 masonry bee colonies causing panic and removed a queen cell that turned out to be a few few years old. 


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3 hours ago, Torquemada said:

I wonder if it will be a good year, it's been freezing at night last couple of weeks, not usually a good sign.

I think they will be OK....i reckon a frost at night ain't to bad....its constant wet and cold I think hurts em. 

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There was a bee swarm while I was out fishing today. First time I have seen one and it was nothing like what I had expected. I thought they would be closely packed together, but they were scattered about over the whole of the sky that I could see.

We've had a few queen wasps in our bottle traps.

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Ive got a queen just started building a nest above the bench in my workshed. Fascinating to watch but progress is slow at the moment. I think we need some consistently higher tempretures to get things moving.

I opened my woodshed and disturbed a queen which crashlanded on the grass outside and took a while to recover itself before flying off.

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I got one them daft ole wooden dog kennels in garden for dogs  to lay in when they got run of garden an I saw a big fcuk off wasp go in there yesterday so I ran away, how much petrol should I use to burn the kennel box?😁

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