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:D Just this minute heard back from my lady friend. Sounds like we've cracked her case. And, off the back of that? I'm pretty confident of what's happening with you.

I'll bow out now though. These things can be like a bloody good murder mystery, with a crossword thrown in. Best fun there is for exercising the old grey matter.

I'll let the other lads chew on it, now that we've established that one more bit of the puzzle. See if anyone else comes to the same conclusion :)

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Heard it earlier myself again Scratching noise in one spot and then sounded like it was scuttling across the plasterboard in the attic Didn’t sound like birds on roof or In outside guttering

Where to ?

Ain’t starlings on gutters is it? Wouldn’t believe the noise they make here, my missus goes a bit bat shit when they start first light in spring  an summer, they constantly running along the gutters a

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On 26/02/2021 at 00:52, W. Katchum said:

Still no joy steak knife ?

No mate

Was lying in bed the other day and heard the noise again myself for few seconds

Im convinced it’s them valves on the piping in the attic.

They are right above our bedroom and that’s where you hear the noise every time sounds like scratching but it’s not it’s more of air and water trying to pass through them valves

Ive given up believing there’s anything with a heart beat up there at all

When the noise starts it doesn’t last long and the kids in other rooms think it’s above their rooms also but it’s deffo not 

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