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cocker pup

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hiya lads im looking for a cocker dog pup but i am after a ftchxftch bred if any one knows of a future litter not in a rush cheers wuz 

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you be lucky to hear off openshaw.......i emailed him over a year ago enquiring about a pup and never heard back off him......i do believe and was told, he could be quite choosy as to where and to who  his pups go to.....but all the best of luck with it  👍

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Cheers for the heads up on that I know a lad who has his stuff and took a bitch to the xfactor dog and kept all the Pup’s orpenshaw told him he could sell him some pups as has a waiting list a mile long 

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You'd have more luck looking up which Cocker's are FTCH's are messaging the top kennels than asking on a random forum I am afraid. 

If you don't have any contacts in the trialling words then I think you'll struggle. 



However I think you'll find it easy enough to get a pup sired by a FTCH, anyone can take a bitch that's garbage to the latest FTCH stud dog and get him thrown over her for a few hundred quid. Try and find a bitch thats been well line bred to a good stud dog, where the bitch is also out of top lines. 

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i am looking on 6 or 7 different sites daily and the only site that ive seen any on is that site last week there was a black 2 year old dog ftchxftch in wales but i am after a pup 

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12 hours ago, leegreen said:

FTCH   Pets4Homes, 2 words that shouldn't be in the same sentence.


You'd be surprised. 

Lots of pet/working homes don't want well bred dogs. I have seen lads with FTCH bred pups (especially springers) struggling to get the pups sold. 


People breeding have put out the idea that a dog with a lot of red in the pedigree will be "too hot to handle" and everyone always gets told don't get a dog with too much red. 


Yet all the top training books and blokes of wise all say get the best bred dog you can get. You'd think a well bred dog would evidence its trainability :D but it seems the people breeding dog's that are complete crap know more and tell people that a well bred dog will be no good. 


There are a hell of a lot of "working" dogs I have seen that do little more than go for a walk in the countryside. 

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