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Could a springer open up

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Don’t see why it wouldn’t open up. Mate got one that will run round a cover barking it head off at pheasants very annoying 😂 you can get hounds that run mute. So can’t see why a spaniel won’t open up 👍🏻

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2 hours ago, Lurcher91 said:

Did she just naturally open up fenman1# or did she get work with hounds at an early age 

Never worked with a beagle or terrier just naturally barked. She put fox to ground last week and then bolted it a cross field for lurchers my mate refused 3 thousand same day she's like a steady beagle with her tongue 😂

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Tbh I'm a diabetic and had trouble with my leg was in hospital for 5 months at point was seeing surgeons to amputate my leg so I had to get rid of a few dogs I had people looking after my dogs so I sent her to a good friend. breeding her to a barking cocker when she comes in season and getting a pair of pups back hopefully they bark too but I know two barkers don't mean pups will bark just live in hope 😂

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On 19/01/2021 at 17:18, Lurcher91 said:

Was just wondering to your thoughts as if a young springer pup was brought up with hounds and thought to hunt with them could he open up with them in time 

I will PM you

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