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The days of getting hold of newspapers by the truck full are sadly gone .Used to use shredded newspaper for bedding and whole sheets  under bowls etc .Roll the lot up and burn .Don’t use straw as the pups will eat it resulting in vet bills  and possible dead pups and that’s from experience .Like Sean said rags ,towels old bedding anything washable .

Large pet beds are reasonable now ,buying a few could rotate them .I guess dependant on external heat source .

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Yes I agree with nothernlite u won’t beat vet bedding seen a good few pups get stuck under towels & can’t get back out suffocate & get crushed,then shavings & straw stuck in pups mouths so I always u use vet bed or good heavy  carpet 👍👍 atb cbx

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3 hours ago, nothernlite said:

Can get 10 mtr by 1 mtr roll of vet bed for £120 out of Barclays if you know any one with a card and cut to any size you want 

Bargains to be had on vet bed on eBay shop as well some times you can get off cuts or remainder of roll colours that don’t sell well dirt cheap I’ve had a few bargains over the years buying that way 👍🏽

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