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New recruit

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Hey all,

Well after a year to forget I finally got a new recruit!

With my razor bred bitch working days behind her (9 years old) and my salxgrey dog aged 7 and losing that slight edge in the field I really wanted this year to be the one I brought in the next generation.

first attempt thanks to a tip off from Snoop and Goshawking I got my hands on a litter brother to goshawkings pup bic, direct out of razor.

well I had for less than a week as something happened and he ended up with a brain problem and I had him PTS at 10 weeks old, a very sad day RIP marshy.

Within a few weeks my razor bitch (Darla - litter sister to Jacob’s Troy) came into heat and thanks to a keeper mate from up north put in touch with a very well bred and very well worked stud up north.

I went up and lined her, and was very hopeful to keep my line going.

had her scanned at 30 days and she hadn’t taken! 🤬🤬

so back to the drawing board but we will try for this mating again next time she break down.

I put some feelers out and finally some luck with a change in circumstance for the previous owner I have got myself a v well bred dog pup called Freddy.

he is 6 months old and he’s been as good as gold so far, been concentrating on bonding with him and getting good grub into him.

here he isE6709FC9-393C-46AB-8A19-5A7B41E1CDA3.jpeg.4b1125945a15d675b7cfb04ec048d2a0.jpegE6709FC9-393C-46AB-8A19-5A7B41E1CDA3.jpeg.4b1125945a15d675b7cfb04ec048d2a0.jpeg9DD63E78-ACA8-4D88-BF98-304F47C274D7.jpeg.3bdbce57204149a6f8645122daa26bd8.jpeg

got high hopes for him and can’t wait for next season lol 

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