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Pure beeds where would you be without them ?

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2 hours ago, mC HULL said:

08D4080F-ECF2-4C6A-B2C5-DAE2B4495B35.png.62ed5d4e382f8e6f8eb109422b995e40.png5A4FF6E2-B551-481E-865B-815C0F612959.png.89b54d901e9323273319101a98ecdac1.pngisrael top iraq bottom 

the galgos has greyhound and saluki influence in it and you can see it a mile off 

But there are all salukis and nothing like the pedigree ones.


And they don't need s falcon to catch a rabbit ?


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1 minute ago, green lurchers said:

Love galgos no ditches no drains no slop no gate stoppers oh yes 

there a doubled up chaser like the whippet you like gl i can see why you like them the best hare stoppers in the country are heavily bred what ? galgo whippet ? ? ditches drains and gates ? ? there a whippets best friend gives them an excuse to stop after 2 mins ? 

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2 minutes ago, green lurchers said:

You carry on busting ther heart   we coursed  get them 7 min runs till they pop  lol 

you won’t hit many a them great hares go 5 6 7 mins mate and always in the slop dead a winter you land on one there’s not a whippet alive put a bend in one a them you know that mate 

a good coursing bred be shit to course doubled for points they would sit there and kill to much brain to just keep diving in ? 

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