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14 minutes ago, Mixedgrill said:

Do yea think so turner 

do yea do any terrier work yourself fella or yea just on for a wind up 

Dont need to be on here for a wind up fet some glass..

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As I see it you have 2 choices in this life.

You can either stand up and fight for those things which you claim to care passionately about.

Or you can take the easy option of sitting back and doing nothing. At least that way, when the time comes, all you have to do is roll over and throw in the towel.

Personally I know which I'd rather do, but we each make our own choices in life.


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Carry on regardless and see what happens .

Fat lot of help london marches had but every one still carryed on and look were we are to day still here so carry on regardess see what happens this time.

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Lads must work their way through this questionnaire!  It is completely structured so that many people will not fully understand how to answer and the most important part that we must highlight is for question 7!  Sentencing disparity is shocking here, I mean come on, a £40,000 fine or 5 years in prison for hunting a fox with a dog.   If answering that question just copy and paste this into the box:

"fully opposed due to sentencing disparity as this is a form of unequal treatment where the reason for such severe punishment is not explained.  The sentencing is also biased, incongruous, unfair and disadvantaging in consequence separating the classes".

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Jesus, I had to have a good think about some of those answers Barrie, I didn't want to come across as patronising or stupid.......a big ask for me 😂

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2 minutes ago, dillydog said:

Jesus, I had to have a good think about some of those answers Barrie, I didn't want to come across as patronising or stupid.......a big ask for me 😂

Ugly..... maybe 😉

Stupid.... never !!!! 😁

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