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  1. Ffs it's like a bitch on heat and a load a dog around it Ffs.
  2. Nice to hear im glad he was a gentlemen with you. I thought the man could not lie straight in bed .
  3. Arrrr Middleton told some porky pies in his time about the terriers he bred Sold him plenty of reds and black and tans back in the late eighties and nighties that he claimed to every one he bred him self some well known terriers what a can of worms that is bull shitter you could not beleave aword he said unless you were there to see or hear it .
  4. Best job to do with that is take yer pet and drown it along with any think else you have you clown and make sure you do it and this site might be a better places now f££k off and take yer peddleing bull shit with you idiot.
  5. No wonder the job is just about nackered This just about says it all Ffs .
  6. Here he is again trying to piss on some one elses parade again and still talking dribble mr know it all A decade ago? vics proper stuff went more then a decade ago Dont know what u call true minshaw But going by your what u know about terriers says it all .nowt.
  7. Remember going up to bills a number of times back in the 80s it was like stepping back in time in side his place. Sadly missed full of knowledege of hunting and terriers and hounds which we are short of in this day and age . God rest his soul gone but not forgotten RIP bill brightmore one of the greats.
  8. What a load of dribble how long have u been working dogs no wonder this site has gone to the dog with people like u quoting rubbish like that ha ha ha .
  9. Well that depends on what part of the country your in and who your circle of freinds are and what era your on about as far as the north east goes its full of show ponys and always has been and all ways will be but there are some geniue lads still there Yes show now are a far cry from the 70s and 80s onward but back then mosts of the big names with lakeland were knackering the dogs up for the sake of a ribbons and siver ware and money and to be a some one around the show ha ha how times have change and not for the better.
  10. Back then they were bred for there work and if they looked smart then thats not the dogs fault if it did not work what it was bred to do it should not of been put to any bitchs or the best answer what should happen to it is well u should now what that is .
  11. Or i thought it was a dog middleton sold to dessyM called toby that won the welsh game fair a red dog that was crap under the ground but was a real smart looking dog u were on a bout.
  12. No its not aimed your way im on about the dog you say was sold to dessyM that won the welsh game fair of middleton and never make its way back in to england.
  13. Was this a red dog of dessyM called toby?.
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