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Well there is plenty of rabbit on this camp site been counting afew out side the caravan seeing 7 or 8 most morning and other around would not mine them like that around my way

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Campsites can be gold mines for rabbits, got a great permission on a campsite but have to be careful when I go as campers don’t always approve! 

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5 hours ago, matt the lamper said:

I am on butlins there a few about once the cover die down would have afew good bag off here 

Find the maintenence team on site and ask them for the work.  You never know?


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if you aren't seeing them this time of the year then something is wrong. keep your fingers crossed cos very often it comes to September and there's fxxxk all about. 

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11 minutes ago, matt the lamper said:

You be lucky see them like that around by me

same around me mate. off to East Coast in morning so expecting to see what you are seeing. 

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