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    • By hawki
      being bone idle on and off the last year an more (travel restrictions) i felt like i was trapped, being in a city made it worse , obviously we all went through the same shit.
      so im thinking about hiking, wild camping what type or gear would i need tips for a beginner etc........
      no vaccine talk.
      no politics. 
      no football
      just pure shit talk please....... 😄
    • By Miss Lynn
      I want to purchase a pair of boots for the colder weather, I do a lot of walking, and some trekking about the hillsides and trails. I do not want "winter boots" but rather boots that would be suitable for a cold day, but would work with layers of socks rather than thick heavy boots. Several people have told me Meindl is an excellent brand, and that is great, but what kind ? Hiking ? Walking ? Do they make them that they would serve the purpose mentioned above ? Any specifics to look for in a boot for this purpose ?
      Thank you in advance,
    • By Miss Lynn
      Sorry gentlemen to bother you, but I have come to my wits end. My neighbour across the way lets her dog roam as it please when it comes to shitting and urination, she is too lazy to actually take the dog out herself. He seems to have taken to my property and a certain area just under my bedroom window. I do not want to hurt the dog for the sake of her ignorance, but I do very much need to stop him from doing it any longer. The grass and  the shrubs are dying and turning brown and the flowers are just rank with smell that floats up through my bedroom window.
      He is a VERY OVERWEIGHT beagle and leaves behind some damn good deposits.
      I am wondering short of doing something stupid, what can I do to deter the dog from that area or any patches of garden I have? I plan to go to the council about the problem, and lay some of it on the town manager who is an acquaintance of mine, but in the meantime, any tricks out there to make my flowers and bushes unsavoury.
      Thank you in advance,
    • By gav1212
      Hi guys, just wondering if any of you keep finches. I have a son with autism and other than adoring my ferrets, he has developed a real fascination with small birds, I would really like to keep this interest going with him as he has very few things that he likes and its a great way to get him into the routine of caring for animals. I have a decent sized back garden and a 8ft x 10ft shed that I was thinking about making an outside aviary and attaching it to my shed and cutting out a few holes and having a small inside area. 
      It would be great to see if any of you guys have something like this.
    • By ChrisJones
      Ladies and Gentlemen,
      Looking at the activity in the What Are You Listening To Now thread I'm sure there are enough among us that not only like a decent tune but I'm sure to have the equipment to play it. I'm in the market for a decent stereo system as my old Marantz has given up the ghost. I'm really up on current developments in audio but I'm looking for a decent set up for vinyl.
      I'm willing to shell out for quality so the price isn't too much of a factor but looking for recommendations for newer gear.
      Thanks in advance.
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