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Best method for trapping Squirrels

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55 minutes ago, lampingmad1 said:

What are the best traps to catch squirrels and what bait to use 

I prefer a Body Grip in a box  Pea Nuts are as good as anything , it's not hard they are very easy to catch

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I do a lot of grey control as a contractor , i have to use live trapping because of the reds, Albi make the best squirrel traps in my opinion and sensible money, all my traps are off the ground to prevent Badgers from wrecking them to get at the bait and the squirrels. 

DSCN0096 (1).JPG


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have a look at BASC website and see if theirs a grey squirell trapping day course available in your area. Not to learn how to do it (its relitevly easy if u look online) but they did a trap loan scheme where they give u traps.

i have albi and trapman live traps and their pretty much the same but the trapman has a full metal door so u can see from distance if its been sprung. also a good pair of trap combs to pin the squirel into a smaller space so its easier to shoot 


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