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I,m thinking of investing. Anybody got any experience? Please give any opinions.

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I’ve seen and used the ATN Mars thermal scope and I’ve got an ATN thermal spotter. They are very good I’ve also seen and used Pulsar . The best advice is to try before you buy . I know some dealers will do this . I bought my spotter secondhand off a guy who didn’t use it much and needed the money. I can tell you that Pulsar are well advertised and seem to be dominating the market . ATN aren’t talked about as much , but I can tell you that the ones I’ve seen perform very well . I can spot and identify at 500 - 700 meters. I can see rabbits in detail at 200 meters . It does everything I want . You won’t be disappointed with ATN.

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I think that you would be satisfied with ATN. I've bought my ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO 3-14X three months ago there https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-optics. And it's unbelievable! It has really sensitive HD sensor and it's day/night scope. I like foxhunting and this tool gave me advantages in nighthunting. I record full HD video to save good memories about hunting moments. If you have more questions, please write me.

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      I've been interested in some time about investing in a night vision scope and been looking around and I have found that for my price range I have two options: the Yukon photon RT or the ATN X sight 2. They are both similar in price, however the ATN is slightly more expensive out of the two. I've seen them both on airrifleshop.com. I'll leave the links and id love to hear people opinions on what's better, as I'm not fussed paying more for the x sight, its just I've heard the photon RT is mint for the money.
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      I purchased a Boruit head torch off this forum last month from Light in the box company, it stated that postage would be 7-10 days? I still haven't received the item 3 weeks later on.
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      It said that the item was UK, however when I received my receipt for the purchase it said Hong Kong, think I've been taken for a ride, although I did pay by PayPal so hopefully covered?
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      A couple foxs took with me hmr with new photon whilst clearing a few rabbits

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      Hi Fellas
      Can you guys help me with choosing a respectable pair of NV Goggles? I have a 450 acre golf course for a permission and as you can imagine, walking around at nite is pitch black. I have a Pulsar 850 night site to fit to the gun but need something to aid walking around so head mounted is a must. My problem is the confusion between the models available and lack of non biased reviews on the web. I am only looking at gen 1 or digital due to budget but really need some guidance from real users.
      Thanks for your comments guys
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      Do you want your battery life in your NV gear to last longer.? Thinking about attaching an external battery? Check out the video. This particularly is suited for Pulsar gear.https://youtu.be/Uag2giD_LE4
      Surprised the battery companies hadn't thought about it.