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Cooking an animal hunted by you

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It's just me or the taste is better if the animal was hunted, prepared & cooked by myself? :D

I prefer to keep the recipe simple if I have good quality meat but I will add some more spices when I have meat from males hunted during the rut season.

I will start this topic with something simple - roebuck

1. Hunt a roebuck...or 2


2. Skin the animal and prepare the carcass


3.  Cut and clean the backstrap. I prefer to cut each backstrap in 2.


4. Rub the backstrap with some salt, pepper, coriander (dried seeds), put it in a plastic bag and let it in the fridge for ~6-8 hours. Should be enough for a young animal.

5. Put some butter in a heated pan, add fresh rosemary and some smashed garlic and  roast the backstrap for 1-2 minutes. Add half a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon  (no more! You will need the rest of the bottle after).  Cook on the other side for another 2 minutes and...done. 



6. Almost done. Let it rest for 5 minutes after grilling. Otherwise, the juice will flow out of the meat and the steak will go dry. 

7. Enjoy! 

P.S. To be honest, I'm usually not using pepper for this recipe but is a common ingredient. I'm using smashed juniper berries picked by me in the autumn during the red stag rut season


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Wild boar testicles

Well, this is not a common meal. Most hunters will just throw them away right after gutting the carcass but I will always keep them (even in the mating season)

When I took the pictures, I was really hungry and, since this recipe is requiring some time, I also added a tenderloin :D


1. Clean the testicles and cut them in 2. In the end, they should look like this:


2. Cover the testicles with vinegar and let them rest for 1 hour (young male) up to 1 day (old male). 

Meanwhile, quickly prepare the tenderloin with some olive oil, thyme, garlic and red. Eat the tenderloin and drink the remaining red wine (this will also help you later to ignore the smell of the testicles if they are from an old male :D )


3. Wash the testicles with cold water. Wash them again.

4. Put some butter in a heated pan, add  salt, fresh thyme, smoked paprika and some smashed garlic and  cook them for a few minutes. Open another bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon  and add half a glass.


5. With 1-2 minutes before end, add some coriander (dried seeds) and red pepper


6. Enjoy and drink what left from the second bottle


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On 4/13/2018 at 22:51, fireman said:

Fecked if i'd put any bollock of any sort in my mouth ever...:bad:...

I f you will eat this blindfolded, you will ask for more :D


On many occasions, I have not enough time to prepare the meat myself so I need to send it to a local butcher. He will prepare sausages and salami at a decent price (~1 £/kg) 

Everything was OK for a while, I obtained great products but it was not outstanding until I discovered a small 'secret'. Each time I'm sending a wild boar to the butcher, I'm also sending a sheep to be mixed in the meat for sausages. The result is incredible!

I'm always preparing them with fresh rosemary or thyme and some smashed garlic.



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Great photos and a humorous write up: I enjoyed that a lot, though not so sure I'd really want to eat boar testicles, though I suppose it's a bit like eating brains: a squeamish, cultural thing. 

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Thanks, guys :D

The next one is similar with the recipe used for roe deer but I like this more because the backstrap is bigger - red deer backstrap

0. Be sure that you will not have any guests in that day, you don't want to share this with anyone outside your family. Preferable, you will make sure that your mother in law is also away. 2-300 km should be enough.

1. Clean the backstrap and rubb it with salt, dried thyme, pepper and smoked paprika.  If is an old one, freeze it for a few days first

2. Let it rest in the fridge for 1-2 days, depending on the age of the animal. 

3. Open a bottle of  red dry wine - I recommend a Merlot but a Cabernet will be also OK


4. Wash and prepare some mushrooms, a chili and some garlic. Smash coriander and juniper berries. 


5. Drink another glass of wine. Share it if you are not home alone.

6. Add butter in a heated pan, add the smashed garlic and the chopped chili.  Optional, you could add one small branch of fresh rosemary (I prefer without it - too many flavours already).  Roast the backstrap for 1-2 minutes. 


7. Add half a glass of wine, the coriander and the juniper berries. Cook on the other side for another 2 minutes and done. Done with the meat.

8. While the meat will rest, add the chopped mushrooms in the pan. They will be cooked in that juice left from meat. 

9. Put the mushrooms, the chilli and any sauce (if left) in a separate bowl and enjoy!


10. If you have no wine left, open another bottle. If so, remember point 0. You will also want the kids away ;) 



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Would you mind if I copy some of your recipes and share on another forum here in Australia?

They look so good.

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@17hornet you reminded me that I managed to do a nice experiment last week with some wild boar backstrap. I will let the pictures for now and I will add the details later...IMG_20150921_190917.jpg.c1304ef7da496dde9e76f68d290ece12.jpgIMG_20150922_001554.jpg.720cc759612221e8c6e0fbf1f38e3e23.jpg

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There is indeed something satisfying in the hunt and cook etc, and whilst I am also a great fan of the Boar in many formats, I'll not be rushing to try their nuts! :no:

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I have a new one :D

It is very very simple, so simple that I'm somehow reluctant to call it a "recipe"

You need to hunt a red stag male (it is not important if is in the rut season or not) and take the heart and the liver. I suggest to also take the kidneys but they are for the one that could handle a dish with "flavor"   😅.  Burn some charcoal or even some dead wood  on the field and cut the heart and the liver in long slices, 1 inch thick, and rub them with salt before throwing them to the grill. 

Be careful to not overcook them and remember to also have some wine or brandy. It is important to prepare them in the first hours after hunt (like all internal organs) and I guarantee that the emotion of the hunt will be somehow added to the taste ;)

Don't worry, it's enough for the entire hunting party. A red stag hearth is huge, the liver is even bigger...


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As messed up as it.... animal balls taste good :laugh:

@penny... brains are also delish younger the better, it's like eating buttered livers. 

Biriuck where are you from mate?

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