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Cooking an animal hunted by you

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Keep things simple and go for the small critters.

Squirrels are good as are rabbits and pigeons - never mind sending to a dealer to ship them off to the continent. We need to keep them for ourselves, if they’re good enough for the Europeans then how much better are they for us as they are fresher than being shipped hundreds of miles.


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A nice summer morning, a young roebuck, some fresh mushrooms, hot chili peppers, garlic, juniper seeds, white wine. Mix them all and don't burn the meat :D Then...enjoy!  







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I'm always keeping the bones of the hunted animals. The spine will add a great flavor to any soup.

One of my favorite delicacy is this one: the big round bones from a red stag put in a hot oven until the bone marrow is boiling inside (~30-45 min, depending on the temperature)

To be served hot with salt & pepper, on toasted bred and with some Merlot.download.png.f34f1d16c8f9bb12c42ac3893f491ad1.png

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After receiving the invitation, I started to clean the oil from my usually unused shotgun. Then I put 3 alarms to be able to wake up at 2am and drive ~150km until the hunting area. The day was windy and cold with some thin ice near shores but the place was excellent - a huge are filled with artificial lakes and not harvested rice fields near the Danube.

I was a terrible shot but I somehow managed to shot 24 ducks from 6:30 until 1 pm (2 of them not in the pictures, destroyed by prey birds before having the chance to recover them). Drive back home for another 2h and then start taking off the feathers, burning the skin for any remaining ones and extract all the internal organs until ...4am. Too much work, next time I will offer some of them as "gifts" to my friends.


The reward was sweet after I picked up a young one for getting the breast out and quickly throwing that in a hot pan with garlic, butter, salt, pepper, white wine and some oranges at the end :D 

For all the other ones, I will cook them in the oven, filled with dry plums and oranges and  with cabbage on the side.







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