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Mossberg 500 .410

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Just bought a Mossberg 500 .410 hushpower version and it says it’s chambered for 2 and a half and 3 inch cartridges.  I have put 2 inch in and they seem to load and eject fine, could they do any damage to the gun or have they just put that because you can fit more than 2 of the 2 inch cartridges in the magazine?


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    • By J3rry87
      Dear Forum Members,
      I am looking for info about my fathers shotgun. He has a Ward & Sons gun, used it for hunting but it has been damaged a few months ago (on the stock) and now we are wondering what to do with it. Other than that damage it is in a really good condition (barrel, trigger, etc). He had the idea to get a new stock for it but based on my research there is not much of a chance to do that.
      My questions:
      what kind of gun is it exactly? is there any value to it? Could we sell it? You can find pictures about it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tG4E1Juv5OjTNgrzvav6V9MnnWBhHjG_
      I appreciate any advice, thank you very much and Merry Christmas!
      Browning teague chokes I have 3 they are a modified a 5/8 a and a 3/8  these are invector 
      £25 each as new 
    • By Rock_Monkey
      Evening folks,  long time target rifle shooter at county level and just getting into Both sporting and game shooting with shotguns.  Whilst trawling the second hand racks of the local dealers came across this beauty and snapped it up as it was in good condition and I thought perfect as a mixed gun for a little pigeon shooting and clays here and there.  
      Thing is the shop owner and his gunsmith had no idea what maker it was and the previous seller had called it a “finito” which was actually the final proof mark from the Italian proof house.
       So it’s down on my certificate as an unknown 12gauge and I’ve got this little worm eating me up as to what maker it actually is.  
      I’ve attached a few pics and I believe the star in a Shield below the barrel release and on he base of the barrels is the only non proof mark on it.  
      Many furher info you lovely folks can provide would be awesome.
       Thus far I know it’s an Italian proof from the Gardonne/Brescia proofing house and dated 1978.
      Whatever the outcome it fits great and I seem to be getting plenty of pigeons and clays in the bag so even if it’s a pile of junk I’m not fussed. 
      Thanks in advance for any helpful info.
      looking forward to loads more posting and discussions as I get further into field sports. 

    • By Longshanx
      Hi Fellas, 
      Ive been looking to purchase my first shotgun and it’s a bloody mind field to be honest.
      Im after an O/U, ejector,  Multi choke, with 28” barrels.
      Don’t really want to pay through the nose for one quite yet with it being my first and wanting to see how I get on with it.
      My concern is that I’m right handed but left eye dominant. When I use a rifle with iron sights I have to sit at a bench and use it left handed. So I’m thinking I will have to train myself to shoot left handed with a shotgun?
      There is a clay pigeon club near me and thinking of paying for a day there and using there guns with a tutor to see how I get on.
      Someone on here was selling a Winchester XTR 101 sporter for around £400. Looked quite a tidy little gun.
      Also I have a mate of mine selling a O/U and a SBS for £150. Not sure what makes? I’m thinking these things are older than the Arc and think I’d rather keep the cash for a half decent one.
      Any advice would be great full.
    • By Plank
      I have been bequeathed a single shot Pedretti 410 with a Hushpower moderator. I am not very experienced with shotguns but I have been trying to clean it. Unfortunately to get all the rust off the action I have damaged the blueing around the action so it looks like I will need to re-blue it. I am thinking of using the Birchwood Casey Perma blue kit. Does anyone have any tips or advice?
      Also although the barrel looks clean inside I have got some bits down it from when I was cleaning the rust from around the breech. So I tried to use an oily rag as a pull through. Rather than drag the muck down the barrel I thought I would drag from muzzle to breach. I was met with a strange sound as the rag just went up inside the barrel. After carefully extracting it the way it had come I saw there are what look like spaced out washers just inside the muzzle. Is it normal for these to be exposed or have I moved something inside the barrel? As I am trying to clean it thoroughly do I need to try to take the moderator apart to see if there is any rust inside? If so how?
      Thanks for taking the time.
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