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Brightmoor Bred Dog

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Found these old photos of Bill, Doug and Stan when we were at Bill's place, he is holding a dog that he gave me. The photos of the terriers are non-descript northern working terriers photos taken arou

Thanks mate . Bit further back than I have so glad I asked . The Ulswater dog , if anyone is interested was called Rusty if all checks out ., bred by R Tomlinson . . The name Davey then reappears with

I had two dogs from Bill, one was a black and tan bitch that was average the other was a black rough coated demon. It was too aggressive with people and decided to wake from sleeping by my feet one ev

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On 18/11/2017 at 11:23, rob284 said:

Why does it have to come from one small gene pool? The black dog has so many varying types which suggests that it could have started in several areas of the country from several different dogs. Lads would have been breeding black dogs all over the north, from the lakes to the mining towns of lancs and would never have seen buck or breay, due to transport. Its common knowledge the black dog came from infusing bull, and im sure buck breay werent the only lads doing it with success.

It’s not that it has to cone from a small gene pool of dog. Researchers who specialize in the development of animals from small populations spent years looking into how dog breeds both working and show started from either a small population of related individuals or a group of unrelated individuals selected based on specific working traits. In both situations line breeding inbreeding were used over a number of generations so specific Type could become fixed breeds bred for show had Fixed type based on appearance and fixed type for working lines were based on the traits needed for the work being selected for

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On 18/11/2017 at 11:46, rob284 said:

Your only known if you let yourself be known. Plenty of lads across the north would have been doing the same but wouldnt be portraying themselves to be big breeders like breay or nuttall. These small time breeders in numerous backyards in small circles of local people will vastly outweigh the volume of dogs that buck and breay could have ever produce.

And. Due to being small time breeders as you have started doesn’t usually result having the  wide dispersal of dogs that is needed to effect whole population not just limited to a small region. Which based on what you stated about unknown people  breeding a very small percentage of dogs from the breed 

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On 20/11/2017 at 08:04, neil cooney said:

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions and at the end of the day it's the last 5 or 6 generations that are more important than terriers that were alive 40 plus years ago.

But, having read just about everything that's ever been wrote about those 2 gentlemen and having seen or in my possession plenty of pedigrees of their terriers I would be surprised in Cyril Breay ever used a bull terrier or a terrier he knew had bull in it. Frank Buck on the other hand seemed to be a bit more of a maverick and might have, but again, I've never seen any evidence that he did. But I could be wrong ?

People see a strong head, smooth coat and straight away shout "bull". How did the Staff itself get a strong head and jaw as well as a smooth coat ? From breeding for performance, that's how. So why wouldn't there be lines of strong headed smooth terriers who's breeders have bred the best to the best for a job and have no bull blood in them ???? They are out there.


That’s not necessarily true there are dogs that I can go back close to when the brood dog I own was developed and due to the number of times a dog is in the pedigree they haver more influence than a dog in the second generation which is a grandparent. And the specific dog I’m referring to died over 70 years ago and I goes as fat back as 14 or more generations 

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On 09/01/2020 at 08:01, downsview said:

Everyone doubts the tales of a  terrier killing a badger to ground especially now that these tales have a few decades of time behind them, but of all the tales I've heard brightmore bred terriers feature more than any other type, days long gone 

Ive seen it happen dont no if it was in bad health or what it looked ok.

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