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Kammo Gear ..anyone ?

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Does anyone use this gear?


I'm thinking of treating myself to a new set of gear for the winter. . . I've tried the lot so far..and nothing is perfect and nothing is waterproof after a while.


I want to walk the brambles and gauze pain-free, and lamp all night and be dry inside and not sweating.They all promise it..but so far none have delivered.






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To me they dont seem to have a very good back up service. Which would stop me buying one.

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Brilliant kit. Can feel a bit 'cardboardy'. Material quite stiff, but comfortable nonetheless and not heavy at all. But it really does deliver on the windproof/waterproof front, and is certainly as 'breathable' as any other comparable gear. Not had any cause to use back up service so can't comment on that, but definitely the toughest material bar none: no snags after pushing through brambles even after years and years of use. Certainly lasts very well.

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Brilliant kit. I have their overtrousers and gaiters. They are waterproof, quiet and would certainly recommend.

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