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fingers crossed bird i get something this time last litter just wasnt ment to be for me. breding for my own purpose mate few mates after them but not sure wheather to cull what am not keeping myself mate


i havent culled exactly, but could you not be killing the best,or is it a chance
could well do but its a chance you take but my problem is am after something for myself av been fussy what i put him to due to i want control of were they go an end up and its a thought with the cull not saying am doing it. if a decent lad comes after a pup id give them one with terms it comes back to me or dont make the grade pts but how many lads can you trust. i sorted friends out witj the last litter this time its for me the main purpose mate
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second times the charm after the first litter from my dog bad luck i had with the pup being put to sleep. A good friend gave me his half xs bitch to breed of so av had her the past few months wor

Cheers lads he's coming on well killed 7 or 8  single that season past I will be starting him  hard this season coming av got high hopes for him fingers crossed still early days 

Clips of him running his first couple single on this clip 

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Hope you get a pup trunk,must admit the vids I seen on YouTube of the bitch changed my mind about bull x lurcher,s she wouldn't attract the attention a bigger one would.

A long 23/24 inch half cross is a handy tool . As u say they don t look like what they are but with the right stuff in em they ll put some stuff away
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