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Mullet Fishing

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use to catch them in bude

feeder rod light line and bread flake crushed to the shank hook hidden in the flake!!

change your bread often cos if they feel a hook they just legit and just enough shot to hold bottom

good fun on a light feeder too, they put up a good fight :thumbs:

atb si

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Small spinner cut the treble off and replace with a number 8 hook on 2 inches of mono(vary the length), bait up with ragworm. Cast in and retrieve don't strike at the bites you have to wait for them to hook themselves, will do your head in but very addictive.

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do you know which kind o mullet they are this can be quite important to the tactics you require. spinning is great on thin lips but rarely works on thick lipped. these tend to be caught more on bread or small pieces o mackerel. you can catch both on static harbour rag tactics and also golden greys will take these. whichever ones they are they will do your head in. good luck not swearing. :D

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hey guys this may sound a little silly but down my way {victoria AUS} I've caught all kinds of species of mullet which are fairly easy to catch but sea mullet which are notoriously finicky on fly as well as bait to catch for some reason they have a liking to bread or pizza doe with parmesan flake through it, or flys that are tied to look like floating bits of scum{algae} in dark green or brown, marabou trimmed short on a strong size 10/12 with a little bit of fly flotant so it sits right in the surface film seems to bring them unstuck

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