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  1. View Advert finder and nets Getting rid of my ferreting equipment as its just not going to get used, its a mk3m locater I used this once maybe twice from new, there are two collars with it but I checked it this morning and only one was working it may be batterys so lets say one collar set up, there are 40 plus nets all good serviceable condition some of them were made by me. There are 4 six foot fox nets, never been used. its not in the photo but I have a brand new longnet I will chuck that in as well, Im based in Bristol but will be going to the Midland on Sat
  2. Small spinner cut the treble off and replace with a number 8 hook on 2 inches of mono(vary the length), bait up with ragworm. Cast in and retrieve don't strike at the bites you have to wait for them to hook themselves, will do your head in but very addictive.
  3. I think people need to practice they're marksmanship a bit more, and if they are not confident enough to kill a fox at 100 yards with a hmr they should be practicing theyre marksmanship a LOT more, when I was a kid starting shooting it was drummed into you that you only shoot targets until you were confident enough that you could get a clean kill, and only then move onto live quarry, I havnt heard this in a long time but think it should be revived.
  4. Great vids thanks for sharing, some top shooting there.
  5. Thanks for your praise I haven't really done much else, a couple of horses for my daughter that's about it, I have done a painting of some hounds I will try and get it on the computer later, I don't really have time to commit to it so grab 5 mins here and there. atb Roy
  6. I also did this picture of a sparrowhawk first with acrylics which is what started it. atb Roy
  7. I have started doing a few pictures, I used to do a drawing as a kid but im 47 now and this is my first proper go at it so I expect critisism but please refrain from being cruel. I'm not the most patient of blokes so by the time I got to the terrier on the right I was rushing it a bit. This was done with coloured pencils.
  8. I will second this, ive been through the whole range my first was a green t20 you could get 150 yards with that and they only get better, the lightforce 170 hasn't been out of the shed since I started using this type of torch.
  9. Did a full strip down and clean of my 10/22 on Saturday, which included a full metal polish, I did it because it wasn't cycling properly it turned out to be the 10 shot magazine now I have stripped the 25's down no problem but the 10mag was a bit different and took up the best part of Saturday afternoon, it didn't help when upon undoing the allen bolt two components launched themselves into the darkest reaches of my workshop.
  10. On rimfires I like to stsrt the zeroing process at 25-30 yards then move back from there
  11. Been looking at some kayaks and im tempted myself are the £3-400 ones on Evilbay any good? if not what do other people recommend, I would be using it from the south coast. Thanks in advance for any replys atb Roy
  12. Why bring them back?. Its someone who knows you probably somebody on this forum
  13. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Clive Rees should be your first port of call he specializes in stuff like this and will put your mind at rest straight away, atb Roy
  14. If you already have a cz you wont be getting on with the puma and putting a harris on it wont make any difference to the dodgy barrel. lol atb nasher
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