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good interest ing tread couldn't see owt wrong with it it's no secret dog fighting went on.just started reading the great book of bulldogs bull terrier and molosser by walter and marlene zwettler good read so far and some awesome photos

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I saw nothing wrong with the bulldog thread myself. A lot giving there opinion and talking about stuff that happened in the past. It's nice to here about the past and others views on dog stuff.we shouldn't have to hide the past. And if someone was incriminating themselves I'm sure they know it and if there fine with it why shouldn't we? As long as there is no dry snitching going on let it be..jmo..I like this board because of others opinions and not a lot of girly crybaby's taken it personally..

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Shame, but if it stops people incriminating themselves fair enough

If people want to incriminate themselves what does it matter to anyone else.And if people don't won't to be incriminated don't post on it rather than come on the thread whining.And for those that are posting these threads as long as they haven't got dogs around them it doesn't matter they could just be making up fairy stories.
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The same could be said for all the Fox Digging Threads which get put on here. Digging Foxes out with Terriers is technically illegal, UNDER SOME CIRCUMSTANCES. If all the Threads were 'Moderated' to the Letter of the LAW and some 'Moderators' ideas of good judgement and interpretation all the time.............The 'WORKING DOG' threads of all types and some other sections threads would be highly censored and in effect have no attraction.

I saw a Documentary once and in it the presenter explained that in many built up areas the Water drank is full of female hormones. It's because, in the purification process, they are some of the things which cannot be taken out of the resulting 'fresh water'................Mmmmm


Here is a TRUE EXAMPLE of how ridiculous some interpretations of 'Animal Welfare' Laws can be....... I had an un-manned Goshawk Tethered on my Front Lawn watching the World go by, as part of her Manning process. I also had a Shamo Stag Tethered across from her as part of my own personal method of Manning the Hawk and part of his socialisation process. The RSPCA Inspector who was called for both Birds had no problem with the Hawk, but a major problem with the Shamo being Tethered. One example from her about why she wanted the Shamo removed, was that "he wasn't allowed to behave naturally and that process was being restricted, by the Tether"......I pointed towards the Hawk with her Anklets, Jesses, Swivel, Bell and Leash on, sat on her nice Rubber topped Stainless Steel Perch and asked for clarification of 'natural behaviour'. The 'debate' went on for ages......both Birds stayed on my Garden 'Tethered' when she left, she left slightly less confident in her abilities to interpret 'Animal Welfare'.


My point for the example was to illustrate that interpretation is a personal thing and perhaps 'Moderation' could be done more sparingly.

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Think about it lads ,if someone is investigated ,it very rarely ends up staying at their door despite the so called tight lips we all expect .Just start another thread on a better level .

Who expects tight lips? That assumption has probably left a few kennels and spots empty, historically speaking of course..

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Laughable really...when you think about some of the posts that have been left up and hung around like a bad smell on here...sometimes for years!

Never mind eh?...maybe some mongrel will bite a kid and we can all read the ignorant opinions on Pit bulls the members on here just seem to love

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On top of all the bulldog talk,


There was terriers gameness when game don't sit in the pot, and lurchers as the animal just wants to get away!!


Our opposition try's very hard to bring charges of animal fighting rather than hunting offences.


Talk of bulldogs and gameness don't belong on a hunting site!!

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