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Keeping ourselves ignorant doesn't help the dogs. There's plenty info. freely available that we don't need to rely on rumour or old habits.   Not as entertaining as reading THL but it's worth a look

Antibiotics don't work on the dog, they don't become less affective the more times a dog has them. They've no real relationship with the dog.   Antibiotics interact with bacteria only.   And it's

Exactly, no one's advocating using antibiotics willy nilly, with experience and with the correct vet behind you you'll know when and where to use it. I'm very lucky to have an understanding vet who

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Bit conspicuous that mate! We use the 2 piece shovels in the bag when we're sneaking about on places we shouldn't be. And if we're on permission we carry the gear or park close enough to the earths that hardly any shovel carrying is required.lol

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We use an old army bag, prob 2 round mouths , bar , graft and and bars for tiring the terriers and a first aid kit with eye wash and injections

Why carry injections? Surely antibiotics aren't need until they have been washed up at home


I would be with Scent on this one,better to have it in the dog working from the inside out until you get home,sometimes it could be hours before you eventually make it home at that stage infection will have set in.We always have water and antibiotics with us,rough wash after a dig,shot of anti if needed and then when you get home give them a good wash out but everybody has there own way of doing things.

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