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Not Another 22 Hornet Thread?!

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Yesterday I picked up a secondhand 22 Hornet from my local gun shop. I had the open sights at the font removed and to tidy the end of the barrel and had the barrel cut back by 2" and screwcut. It's now 20"


It's an older example with a double set trigger but it's a minter with a gorgeous stock.






The rifle came with a box of Winchester ammo so I'll be out tomorrow to zero my scope and see how it performs. Not expecting too much from the factory ammo as I'll be reloading.




Before I go out and buy all the Hornet specific gear I though I'd ask those who are experienced in loading this lovely little calibre what the best dies, powder (I've read Lil Gun), primers and bullets are. I'm hoping I'll be able to use 35gr VMax.


Also, are there special knacks or techniques for loading this calibre. The cases look quite fragile so obviously care needs to be taken when using the press

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Looks like a fancy model with that timber.

The Winchester loads were good.

Don't sweat the powder choice. With care top performance can be had with h110, v110, a2400, h4227 and countless others.


Take no notice of the na sayers, you got a great rifle and cartridge combo for Britain.



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I did :yes: and in my experience both the Lee factory crimp die and case flare die worked wonders, 35gn vmax are good and worked best with h110 in mine, also give Sierra 40 or 45 gn varminter bullets a try too, mine was superb with the 45 gn you will love the hornet, its a cracking little rifle, enjoy.

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Thanks chaps.


Looks very pretty, but it's old hat. Depends what you want to shoot with it though.

It's where I want to shoot with it really. I've got a few bits of land where the Hornet is better suited, including around the village where I live and a local golf course. It's a nice, handy carry rifle instead of the T3 Varmint in 223

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I don't get how a perfectly accurate decent rifle that does all that's asked of it can be "old hat." Different tools for different jobs.


Whereas I think the .17 Hornet offers more to a lot of buyers these days, despite having slightly less energy, I agree with Walshie, different tools for different jobs. If you don't shoot large numbers of rabbits or need them for eating, I see no reason why a hornet couldn't completely replace a rimfire as a long range rabbit / short to low medium range fox rifle.

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